Thursday, May 13, 2010

the real words

Bryce & I listen to songs in two different ways. He first notices the actual music (melody line, the band, quality of the recording, etc.), while I can't help but focus in on the words. To me, a good song means that it has good lyrics (and also good music). I love words, phrases, sentences, word pictures . . .

Usually the lyrics jump out to me. I listen through a CD just a few times and I'm already familiar with the words.

However, there's one song by Shane & Shane that I actually was singing wrong. (In my defense, the chorus is muddled and hard to understand.) I'm pretty sure Jess was in the car with me when we read the correct words. Although I'm usually a stickler about staying true to the original song, I actually like my translation better. And so I continue to sing it my way.

Sitting around the fireplace
With a friend who’s been through it all
Solomon, wisest one
Tell me what you have found
Under the sun, under the sun
He answered

Get over the sun
Where life is hidden

Then he put on
A somber face
Talked about how
The rich man will waste
Away in the ground
Where the poor man is found
Painted up, like a clown
Under the sun, under the sun
He answers

Son you’ll soon be done
A life spent on some shiny god
Who leaves you empty

In my head, the chorus went something like this:

Get over yourself
Where life is hidden

(Don't laugh until you listen to the song - it really does sound like that.)

It makes sense to me. Get over yourself . . . and that's where you will find true life. I find the bridge of the song particularly haunting: son, you'll soon be done [with life] . . . spent on some shiny god who leaves you empty. Am I wasting away my life on a "shiny god"? I think the god I usually run to is myself&me. So, "get over yourself," Jana, and find the true life that is hidden.


  1. So good, Jana. I needed that reminder to "get over myself" matter what the real lyrics are. ;) I just listened to the song (I'd never heard it before) and I agree with you -- it does sound a bit like he's saying "get over yourself." (And, I also find that the lyrics are the first thing I notice about a song.)
    Love you friend.

  2. I can't listen to that song now without thinking those lyrics that you thought they were. Ha! Also, Genevieve heard the Burn us up song and in the second part of the chorus she thought it said Wenckebach(a type of heart block) instead of "We give up!" Oh it made me laugh so hard and retell your story as well. :) not the same application but still funny nontheless
    Love ya dear

  3. That's hilarious! Yeah - I generally find myself having a hard time understanding them on that CD, even though I do really like the CD. So funny. :)