Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sipping Coffee & Killing Gnats

One of my bosses gave me a flower like this for Christmas. It's an amaryllis. (I think they used to name girls "Amaryllis." Remind me never to use that name for future children . . . or dogs.)

When it blooms, the flowers are big and lovely. Mine was done blooming about 3 months ago and now just the leaves are growing. Every few weeks the leaves die and then more grow.

There is a funny thing about my office-amaryllis: it attracts little gnats. I have no idea where they come from or what they are. Kind of remind me of a fruit fly, except that there's no fruit at my desk.

Where's the connection to coffee? It's coming. I have 1-2 cups every day. I'm a sipper, so I always end up with a little bit of coffee at the bottom of my cup since it's pretty much cold by the time I get there. And I have a bad habit of leaving my cup on my desk every evening and just putting it in the kitchen dishwasher in the morning.

For awhile now, I've noticed in the morning that there are drowned gnats in my leftover coffee. Apparently they like coffee but don't know when to stop. So, leaving a cup on my desk overnight (or sometimes even for a few hours in the afternoon) seems to be an effective way of killing off the ever-growing gnat population at my desk.

I think I'm going to continue my leaving-coffee-out routine.
Beware of my cold, hard-to-resist coffee if you ever visit me.

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  1. This made me smile, Jana. :) I will definitely avoid your cold coffee when I visit. It's interesting that there are different styles of drinking coffee...I'm a sipper, but only because I like it really hot. I usually don't have any left over, and it most certainly never gets cold. :)
    Much love.