Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Proverb

A clean house covers over a multitude of decorating blunders.

When my house is clean & organized, it seems to somewhat make up for my lack of decorating. "Lack of decorating" describes the current overall deficit in any sort of design, flow, plan, or color scheme in our house currently. If my house is smelling wonderfully and looking spotless, then I don't seem to notice the design blunders (of which there are many) quite as much.

To me, clean means everything in its place, bathrooms smelling like Lysol, floors mopped, carpets swept, furniture dusted, laundry done, kitchen shiny, etc. Oh - and add in the new aspect of the great outdoors - a clean house now includes a mowed lawn, trimmed bushes, and a swept sidewalk.

Right now the inside of my house is dirty.

So I am most definitely noticing the lack of decorating/design/color/plan/scheme/life.

Two options: spend money or clean.

I think I'll clean.
And ask the husband for some help.


  1. I like the new look (or, new to me...because I usually read these updates on facebook).

    I love you.

    And, I love a clean house too.
    Way to ask the husband for help :).

    - Jess

  2. Your husband helps you clean? Wow, I am impressed! Bravo to him!

  3. Oh my, you definitely are my daughter. =]