Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last weekend marked some beginnings in the Eberly family. Jordan graduated from high school and is beginning a new phase of life. My mother, Cynthia, graduated her last student (of 4) and is also beginning a new phase of life. My sister & brother-in-law visited with their son, Nehemiah, which was the beginning of younger generations present at family gatherings. Such a full & fun weekend...

Dwight & Jess drove down on Friday morning to see our new house and to pick me up. We stopped by the studio to visit Bryce on the way to Fort Wayne and also stopped for ice coffee. Friday night we ate dinner & relaxed & Jordan went to his rehearsal & I spent time with Jess. Saturday morning I held Nehemiah for a few hours (tried to steal time with him whenever I could) while everyone was getting ready. 1:00 p.m. was Jordan's graduation ceremony . . . a tad on the long side but meaningful & memorable. Went to Josh's Schenke's open house. Talked with the grandparents & ate cake for Dwight's birthday. Bryce arrived Sunday morning and we went to church with the whole family (minus a very significant person in L.A. who we missed very much). Sunday afternoon was Jordan's graduation party (thank you to everyone who came)!!! Sat around with the family + Millers, crashed for a bit, and then drove back to Indy. Whew.

Jordan & the parents at the ceremony

All of us at the graduation ceremony


My wonderful sister, Jessica, and my Dad
Bryce & I & the nephew
Party time!
The Bruce Eberly family (note the spot for Jason)


  1. What a lovely weekend!!! Makes me miss you (and all the Ft. Wayne folks) even more...

  2. I enjoyed getting to see you this weekend a bit, and I love that you posted pictures of the weekend! :)

  3. I haven't seen the new Alice in Wonderland, but I happened to be at WalMart the other day and saw it on display and thought it might be interesting to watch...especially after having just watched the other one:) I hope your day at work tomorrow goes by super quickly for you! ;)