Wednesday, June 2, 2010

thursday thoughts

Note to self: do not absentmindedly reach for a coffee cup and accidentally grab the one you left on your desk 4 days ago. Cold coffee with gnat floaters is basically disgusting. Just go ahead and spit it back into the mug after you take a sip.

Another note to self: please remember to turn off the car and take out the keys before you walk in to work. If you get out of your Vibe and you hear a car running and there's no one else around, it's probably your own car that's still running.

Two non-noteworthy items: 1) we have an influx of ant friends on our kitchen counters. They're the tiny kind and everywhere. I'm not an ant fan. And Bryce gets in these ant-killing modes and then I can't seem to get his attention when he's on a rampage. 2) I somehow scalded my tongue over the weekend or did something to it . . . the usual bumps were completely gone on the tip of my tongue and it was really painful and it took 4 days to heal (which is a long time for a tongue). Ouch. I would remind myself never to do that again except that I have no idea how I did it.

Okay. I got those out of the way.
Yesterday I realized that I haven't done a life update post in awhile. So, here goes:

Work: It's going well. Baker & Daniels is a great company and my boss is a wonderful gentleman to work for. I'm still not very busy but trying to use my time wisely. (If you have any online projects or research, send it my way.)

Married life: I love it. I love my husband. I love it when he makes me laugh. Actually, this past weekend we had one and a half days together and I was overwhelmed with how much I enjoy being with Bryce. Nine months + nineteen days of marriage - it's been a wonderful ride so far. Not perfect but wonderful.

Home: People keep asking me if we've been working on our house. And the answer is no (in case you've been wondering). There aren't a lot of extra funds right now and probably most daunting is that there is not a lot of extra time. I am slowly working on making apple crate shelves for the dining room (which I can paint as soon as I decide what color I want) and I also painted the trim in 4 rooms downstairs. But that's about it. Now, if you ask me what I want to do....that is fun question to answer. Oh, so much! Painting and building an island for our kitchen are probably next in line.

Eberly family: This weekend will be my 4th weekend in a row visiting Fort Wayne. 1st weekend: teach new mime. 2nd: end-of-the-year mime performance - Jordan's last one. 3rd: Jess, Dwight & Nehemiah in town! 4th: Jordan's graduation & party! (Now you see why I have no extra time!) I love spending time with my family.....we haven't been together like that since my wedding and yet it's like no time has passed at all! I love that about us.

Langebartels family: I spent some time with Lori & Janna last weekend. We walked and then tackled the very important task of getting some sun - two of my favorite things to do. Good times, I must say. Hope to have more times like that this summer.

What else is going on? Working on gifts & shower items - I love being crafty! Playing keys for church. Playing in a recording for Grant & Laura's wedding. Doing laundry. Having Justin & Janna over for dessert. Lunch with Rachel. El Salvador meeting and preparing the drama props. Jeremy & Megan's wedding. Cleaning my car........and that's just in the last 2 weeks. (Now you really see why I have no extra time!)

Enough from me. This blog post is getting entirely too long. Thanks for reading and keeping up with me! (To my fellow blog friends....I'd love to read a "life update" from you soon. :)

Happy almost Friday from me,

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  1. Jana! Your notes-to-self and non-noteworthy items were what made me literally smile, so thank you for sharing them. :)
    It was so good to hear a "life update" from you. One will be up on my blog soon...though I can't say exactly when (hopefully before the weekend?).