Friday, July 9, 2010

elsalvador: everything drama

A final El Salvador post. Quite possibly one of my favorite things on the trip was watching the students perform the "Everything" drama. I adapted this original skit performed in Tennessee in 2006 to include all 19 students. We used the same music even though it's not in Spanish because it is incredibly powerful. To help the viewers follow the storyline, we created t-shirts with the character title printed in Spanish on the front.

I am so proud of our Eagle students. They were just wonderful about doing their part to the fullest even in some uncomfortable, odd, and hot/sticky situations. They performed the piece for 3 churches, at VBS on Friday, and also at the Metro Centro on Friday. I took the pictures below with Leah's camera when we were at the mall. It was hot . . . but they performed 9 times at 4 different spots.

"M" is for Metro.

A crowd watching for one of the performances.

Jesus is reaching and pulling her in.

More reaching and running.
And He intercedes on our behalf and saves us.
Beautiful moment when Jesus throws back the evil powers.


Love this shot. Notice the mountain in the background.

So this completes my El Salvador recaps. Thanks for bearing with me as I used this blog venue to process the trip and record my memories. Praise God for all He accomplished in our lives through the experience. Praise Him for the opportunity & privilege to see how He is alive & well in San Salvador. May God continue to be glorified in El Salvador as He is in heaven.

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  1. Amen! I *loved* your recaps, Jana! :)