Saturday, August 7, 2010

Time for Recovery

How crazy the last week has been. Actually, how crazy the last nine months have been. I had spine surgery last Thursday, July 29. Twenty-four years old and two weeks shy of my first wedding anniversary, and I went in for surgery. That was definitely not part of the plan. I had a benign tumor and a left process fracture at T7. . . painful, not dangerous . . . the tumor was still growing and started to get close to my spine. Time to take it out. Key word: had a tumor. It's gone!

And I'm relieved.
Ready to be done with the pain.
So excited to get back to normal living (Lord willing).
Happy to have the surgery over with.
I realize that some people struggle with pain and health issues for years, so I know that I am so blessed to have this diagnosed and removed within a 9-month period.

I give praise to Jesus for being so faithful through it all.
I have learned: He cares deeply about His children; He wants to walk through life with me; I need to cry out to Him first; and every occurrence in life can be used to bring Him glory.

Surgery recovery is not exactly a fun process. The narcotic I am taking to manage the pain causes the following: terrible headaches, dry mouth, sometimes makes me loopy, tiredness, and hallucinating dreams....which means very little sleep at night (for me and for Bryce). I spent the first 4 days just shuffling around. I still can't move my left arm very well. It's going to be a long road. I'm tired of reading (finished 3 books already) and watching HGTV shows on Hulu and catching up on sleep during the day. You know me: I want to be busy and productive and active. I guess God might have something to teach me during this recovery process, too.

Thanks for the prayers and encouragement and meals and visits and books.
Taking one step at a time (literally).
Jana Alexis


  1. hey dear praying for you!

  2. And thank YOU for the update! You've been in my thoughts and prayers... and will continue to be. Wish I could be there to visit you right NOW! But hey, in a few weeks... that wish might become a reality!*^^*

  3. edit: in a few weeks... that wish WILL become a reality!!! =)