Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bethel + fw

My weekend was slightly insane.

I worked a few 9.5 hour days last week in order to leave work early on Friday. Drove 2.5 hours up to Mishawaka/Bethel area. Picked up Charity from Bethel and drove to Holly's grandparents. (Side note: Holly & Charity are two dear friends and roommates from my college years.) Talked for about 2 hours. Drove to Holly's house for dinner with her parents and sister. Ate her mom's famously delicious pizza and drank tea and talked some more. Went back to her grandparent's house to spend the night. Talked until 12:30 a.m. Slept. Drove Charity to the airport in the morning and had a photo shoot in the airport, of course.

Drove through Bethel's campus with Holly for old times sake and reminisced and drank tea/coffee at Barnes & Noble and talked some more. Holly and I were suitemates the second half of freshman year, roommates sophomore year, I traveled abroad the first part of junior year and then we were roommates again, and then senior year we were roommates the first half and then Holly traveled abroad. So....we were basically roommates for 4 years, on and off.

Around 1 pm I drove 1.5 hours to Warsaw, Indiana and Jordan's soccer game: Grace College vs. IWU. Jordan's team played great even though they didn't win. I sat with Mom and Grandma and munched on candy corn + peanuts (thanks, Mom!).

Drove back to Fort Wayne (FW) with Jordan - about 45 min. Talked the whole way about our back sagas and TV shows and college classes. Ate dinner with Jordan, Mom and Grandma. Met Chris and Alex (two more dear, wonderful friends) for coffee for a few hours. Chatted like crazy. And then came back home and talked to my mom for awhile before crashing around midnight.

Sunday morning I drove 2 hours back to Indy in time for church at 10 am. Gave my husband a hug. Had lunch with Ian & Danielle, two good friends of ours. And then relaxed all afternoon and evening with Bryce. Whew. Told you it was slightly insane.


  1. What a precious time to have with dear friends! Yay! Sounds like God used this weekend to fill you up, even though it was non-stop. :)

  2. What a precious time indeed! I have an abundance of dear friends. (PS: I'm really loving that word "precious" since BSF Monday night...it was mentioned quite a few times in the context of God's grace. His grace is truly precious!)