Tuesday, November 30, 2010

project: jewelry frames

I love jewelry. I love cheap jewelry. (I wear it - so that's my excuse for why my earrings disappear sometimes.) I love to buy jewelry while traveling - everything has a story. I love jewelry gifts (hint, hint). I love collecting jewelry. One catch. I must have someplace to store all of this jewelry. A small plastic box with compartments and a little plastic storage container with 3 drawers worked well for many years. But then I decided that it was time to find another solution with a design that would allow me to see everything at once. About 4 years ago in Australia, Amy and I were at a fair on the way to Coogee Beach. I saw these earring "frames" and have wanted to make one ever since. After doing some reading and being inspired my father-in-laws successful attempt, I decided it was time. Items Needed:

  • Two 35 cent picture frames

  • 1 bottle of spraypaint

  • A hot glue fun

  • 1 yard of fun material

  • Push pins (spaypainted)

  • Screen wire for windows

  • Cork board (cheapo from wally-world)

  • Staple gun with staples
I spraypainted the frames and collected all of the supplies. Then Bryce helped me staple the screen to one frame and hot glue cork board to the other. We (I mean, he) had to get a bit creative but they finally came together! And now I can see all 74 pairs of earrings and 40+ necklaces & bracelets! Here is the finished product on my dresser:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pt in the living room

Yikes. Thank you, Bryce, for taking such flattering pictures of me doing my physical therapy exercises. Good thing we didn't have a camera after my surgery.

Monday, November 15, 2010

project: blue shelves

Reading about a project online does not mean that it will work in real life.
But sometimes it does.

I saw these apple crate shelves on one of the blogs that I regularly follow:

And I thought: that would be perfect for some storage in our dining room. I called 4 orchards in our city and the last one I called had 16 mismatched crates that they were going to throw away. Bryce picked them up the next day - for free! Mine didn't look as pretty as the ones above; they were all different shapes and sizes and shades. So I decided to paint, since we needed more color in our house anyways. Here's the nicest one of the bunch (which we decided to leave as-is - it holds books in our living room):

The process (which I don't have any pictures of) went something like this:
  • 2 coats of blue spraypaint on 9 crates (turned out very uneven and some weren't covered sufficiently)
  • 2 coats of oil-based primer with a paintbrush (oh my goodness . . . incredibly tedious)
  • 2 more coats of blue spraypaint (terrible cramp in my right pointer finger and painful pulled muscles in my forearm)
  • Bryce screwed them together
After hours of spraypainting - this process literally took 2 months - I am very pleased with the result.

My "blue shelf" (as I fondly call it) holds: cookbooks, mail, extra pens & notepads, a plant, speakers to plug an iTouch or laptop into, 2 baskets from Hobby Lobby and some decor items I had laying around. (FYI: the black & white designs are scrapbook paper in random black frames.) The pictures aren't the best (terrible lighting, I know) but you get the idea. My shelf is accomplishing exactly what we needed for basically just the price of spraypaint: unique storage and a pop of color in our dining room.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

three headed monster reunites

2 friends from high school.
Actually, Chris and I have both known Alex since we were about 6 years old.
We've known each other a long time.
One Saturday together....coffee, shopping, talking, laughing & a photo shoot.
Good times, of course.

And don't ask why we're called the "three headed monster." I think it started on a Montreal mission trip . . . but I don't quite remember. All I know is that it can sometimes be a little frightening when we're together. (Scary in a good way! We have way too much fun.)

project: remember letters

It is finally here: house project post #1.

Background: Last Christmas Bryce bought me wooden letters (see below) spelling "REMEMBER." This is a special word for us. On the day we were engaged, he gave me a journal with everything that he "remembered" about our relationship up to that point and made a point to "remember" what God had done. Mostly the word is just that: a reminder to remember God and His faithfulness.

Process: The letters sat in a box until we moved into our new house and I finally decided what I wanted to do with them. I used a cheap brush (so I could just throw it away and not worry about cleaning) to stain each letter twice with Minwax wood stain in Jacobean. Each time I left the stain on for about 8 minutes and then wiped off with an old rag. And in between the stains I lightly sanded each letter.

They looked pretty good after the second coat of stain but the 2 coats of poly sealer (or something like that . . . I can't quite remember what I used since it was just left in our garage by the previous owners - yay for free project stuff!) put it over the top. They looked so shiny and the wood grain really popped.

Bryce decided on the placement in the living room. And he was also in charge of hanging them with double sided mounting tape (since he's so much better at measuring).

And the final product:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

random tuesday

Random news:

Did you know there is an updated version of the NIV available on BibleGateway? Well, there is. I looked up Micah 6:8 yesterday and wondered why it said "mortal" instead of "man." Check it out: biblegateway.com.

Yesterday was not my day. When I got home at 9 pm and started to switch out the laundry, I discovered lovely blue designs all over the inside of my nice-and-new-looking dryer. I washed & dried a pen. On Saturday. (Yes, sometimes my laundry does sit in the dryer that long before I can get to it...believe it or not.) I sat on the rug in front of the dryer and cried a little bit (for the 3rd time that day....after I tried to scrub it off with 3 different cleaners). And then I picked myself up and said "That's it": I watched a Gilmore Girls episode before crawling into bed and left the laundry in a pile on the floor and the kitchen a mess. (Sorry, Bryce.)

I love my new running shoes. It was a painful buying experience (price = ouch) but so far it's been totally worth it:

I'm having lunch with Liz today. That always makes me happy. Plus it's nice to get out of the office in the middle of the day.

My hair was hilarious yesterday. After sitting around a bonfire Sunday night, I washed my hair and then went to bed with a wet head. (Pet peeve #4: I can't stand the lingering smoke smell...all clothes must be washed and hair shampooed thoroughly immediately upon returning home.) My hair dried with the roots super curly on top and completely straight on the bottom. Great curls but I had no idea what to do with them, so just threw it in a ponytail for the day. I just laughed when I got up this morning and it was still crazy-looking.

I'm running out of random thoughts. Should have some house project pictures to post soon...if I ever figure out how to charge my new camera and transfer the images to my computer.... I promise I'll get on that in the next day or two.

Do you have a random story? I'd love to hear it!
Enough from me.