Tuesday, November 30, 2010

project: jewelry frames

I love jewelry. I love cheap jewelry. (I wear it - so that's my excuse for why my earrings disappear sometimes.) I love to buy jewelry while traveling - everything has a story. I love jewelry gifts (hint, hint). I love collecting jewelry. One catch. I must have someplace to store all of this jewelry. A small plastic box with compartments and a little plastic storage container with 3 drawers worked well for many years. But then I decided that it was time to find another solution with a design that would allow me to see everything at once. About 4 years ago in Australia, Amy and I were at a fair on the way to Coogee Beach. I saw these earring "frames" and have wanted to make one ever since. After doing some reading and being inspired my father-in-laws successful attempt, I decided it was time. Items Needed:

  • Two 35 cent picture frames

  • 1 bottle of spraypaint

  • A hot glue fun

  • 1 yard of fun material

  • Push pins (spaypainted)

  • Screen wire for windows

  • Cork board (cheapo from wally-world)

  • Staple gun with staples
I spraypainted the frames and collected all of the supplies. Then Bryce helped me staple the screen to one frame and hot glue cork board to the other. We (I mean, he) had to get a bit creative but they finally came together! And now I can see all 74 pairs of earrings and 40+ necklaces & bracelets! Here is the finished product on my dresser:

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  1. So awesome!!man-you have a ton of jewelry!! I love the look of these!