Wednesday, November 10, 2010

project: remember letters

It is finally here: house project post #1.

Background: Last Christmas Bryce bought me wooden letters (see below) spelling "REMEMBER." This is a special word for us. On the day we were engaged, he gave me a journal with everything that he "remembered" about our relationship up to that point and made a point to "remember" what God had done. Mostly the word is just that: a reminder to remember God and His faithfulness.

Process: The letters sat in a box until we moved into our new house and I finally decided what I wanted to do with them. I used a cheap brush (so I could just throw it away and not worry about cleaning) to stain each letter twice with Minwax wood stain in Jacobean. Each time I left the stain on for about 8 minutes and then wiped off with an old rag. And in between the stains I lightly sanded each letter.

They looked pretty good after the second coat of stain but the 2 coats of poly sealer (or something like that . . . I can't quite remember what I used since it was just left in our garage by the previous owners - yay for free project stuff!) put it over the top. They looked so shiny and the wood grain really popped.

Bryce decided on the placement in the living room. And he was also in charge of hanging them with double sided mounting tape (since he's so much better at measuring).

And the final product:

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  1. I love it! That's such a wonderful thing to do - Remember. :)
    <3 charity