Tuesday, November 2, 2010

random tuesday

Random news:

Did you know there is an updated version of the NIV available on BibleGateway? Well, there is. I looked up Micah 6:8 yesterday and wondered why it said "mortal" instead of "man." Check it out: biblegateway.com.

Yesterday was not my day. When I got home at 9 pm and started to switch out the laundry, I discovered lovely blue designs all over the inside of my nice-and-new-looking dryer. I washed & dried a pen. On Saturday. (Yes, sometimes my laundry does sit in the dryer that long before I can get to it...believe it or not.) I sat on the rug in front of the dryer and cried a little bit (for the 3rd time that day....after I tried to scrub it off with 3 different cleaners). And then I picked myself up and said "That's it": I watched a Gilmore Girls episode before crawling into bed and left the laundry in a pile on the floor and the kitchen a mess. (Sorry, Bryce.)

I love my new running shoes. It was a painful buying experience (price = ouch) but so far it's been totally worth it:

I'm having lunch with Liz today. That always makes me happy. Plus it's nice to get out of the office in the middle of the day.

My hair was hilarious yesterday. After sitting around a bonfire Sunday night, I washed my hair and then went to bed with a wet head. (Pet peeve #4: I can't stand the lingering smoke smell...all clothes must be washed and hair shampooed thoroughly immediately upon returning home.) My hair dried with the roots super curly on top and completely straight on the bottom. Great curls but I had no idea what to do with them, so just threw it in a ponytail for the day. I just laughed when I got up this morning and it was still crazy-looking.

I'm running out of random thoughts. Should have some house project pictures to post soon...if I ever figure out how to charge my new camera and transfer the images to my computer.... I promise I'll get on that in the next day or two.

Do you have a random story? I'd love to hear it!
Enough from me.


  1. my random thoughts in response to your random news:
    - buying running shoes is an investment that is totally worth it :)
    - I feel like a slacker in the "blog world"...gone MIA for a while
    - today I went for a walk with flip-flops on and my right foot's second toe went numb
    - this evening I laughed so hard I cried...I was with my housemates, they didn't know what was going on, and I told them it was an inside joke I had with myself :D
    - I made air-popped popcorn this evening and put chili powder and garlic salt on it...it was a tasty experiment
    That's about all at the moment. Thanks for sharing your random news! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your random thoughts, Charity. Love it! :) (And yes, it is high time you posted something again...)