Tuesday, January 18, 2011

project: green pics

We needed some color in the entryway. Back in the summer I found 4 identical frames at Goodwill & snatched them up (it's great when you can find multiples of the same thing at a thrift store). They had a light, beachy, driftwood kind of look, which I thought would go well with our home decor. However, I later realized that 2 of the frames had blemishes that didn't come off with a good cleaning or light sanding. So, I stained those 2 frames (the same color as the Remember letters) and then gave all 4 frames a clear coat (so they shine a bit).

Next I had to clean the disgustingly dirty glass panes. I was watching TV while cleaning (probably Gilmore Girls) and ended up breaking one of them with my elbow (I was sure getting into this cleaning thing) and cut my thumb pretty badly (it bled for a long time). Back to Goodwill to find another piece of glass from a $1 frame. I printed 4 pictures from my time in Australia & New Zealand, all with a slight green theme (which is why I call them my "green pictures"...every project has to have a name).

And ta-da! - color for the entryway! I kind of like the "no matte" look. I wanted the pictures to take center stage. (Sorry for the bad lighting . . . there is definitely a lack of natural light in the foyer.)

PS: Hello readers? Are there any out there? :) I l-o-v-e getting comments (whether it's thoughts, disagreements, or a reflection on what I wrote)...and check for them multiple times a day. Would love to hear from you! (And I'll promise to share the commenting love at your site. :)


  1. Here's a comment for you :)
    Love the "green pictures" ... love the frames. Go Goodwill! Pictures w/o matte are usually my favorite, i like the clean-cut look!

  2. I do enjoy reading about your home improvement projects. Can't wait to own a home of my own.

  3. Love the pics. Sorry to hear about the bleeding thumb... sounds painful. Love your posts. I promise I'll try to do a better job about commenting!

  4. were these there when laura and i were there? they're sweet!


  5. Jana! I'm definitely a reader of yours! :) However, the whole blogging world has taken a backseat for a while in my life, so I only come around occasionaly. But, when I do, I read them all! :)

    I will also try to update my blog sometime soon... I'd love for it to become a part of my "self-care" but we'll see how that goes.

    Love you friend!

    ps- Beautiful pictures!! Since I don't feel I have decorative creativity, I enjoy seeing it in your life. :)

  6. Grant - Yep...I think we hung them around Thanksgiving time.
    And Charity - no worries. :) I remember the lack-of-extra-time school days. Glad to have you stop by when you can!

  7. - Yay for Gilmore Girls!
    - The picture of the hillside looks a bit like Bilbo Baggins' front door.... just without the door.
    - You take amazingly good nature photos.

  8. Thanks, Nora. :) That hillside picture is actually the only one of the 4 from NZ - good call. And it's only about 1.5 hrs away from The Shire filming location.

  9. Jana
    wonderful job