Friday, January 21, 2011

dreams & cold hands

I have an overactive brain . . . a crazy imagination and the annoying ability to be thinking of about 50 things at once. (This is not unique to me; I know a lot of women "struggle" with this.) The other day, my brain-craziness continued into my dreams & the next morning . . .

On Wednesday, my fellow deskmate (well, we each have our own desks, back-to-back) gave me 2 no-bake cookies at the end of the day. I love no-bake cookies. I ate one and saved the other to eat on Thursday . . . left it on my desk underneath my phone shelf. On Wednesday night, I dreamed that someone else was using my desk at work and we had an argument about who was going to eat my cookie. She insisted that because she was using my desk, she got to eat it. (Which is hilarious in and of itself because no one has ever "borrowed" my desk since I’ve been working here.) When I came in to work in the morning, I was literally surprised to see the cookie still there . . . I thought for sure she had eaten it. (Whoever she is....the dream memory isn’t that clear……this cookie must have been really important to me.) I laughed at myself, and then happily ate that cookie with my coffee.

In other work news, my right hand has been cold lately, while my left hand is warm. And this drives me absolutely nuts. I think it might be because I constantly use my right hand, maneuvering the mouse. But wouldn't that make it warmer? Ugh.

I think this post proves that I need cookie paranoia counseling and right hand warmers. Thanks for reading my little confession/rant.


  1. ohhh, i like the new look :)
    i have done that with dreams before too, must be an "eberly thing".
    love you dearly.

  2. Your hand gets cold because it is elevated to where it doesn't allow blood flow as readily. So while you are using it more than your left hand your left hand is a little more free to move around and do what it wants, as opposed to the right hand which has to use the mouse all day. It is pretty common among computer users.

  3. Oh my goodness!...thank you, Nora, for the explanation. It really was bothering me: not knowing the reason for the strange behavior of my right hand. :)

  4. All I can say is... you make me smile, JA! Too cute.

  5. Funny -- as I was reading your post, I became aware of just how much colder my right hand (holding onto my mouse, of course) was than my left. Thanks for the explanation, Nora. Jana, I'm afraid if you'd left that no-bake cookie in my view, there would have been no question as to who would have eaten it:)