Thursday, February 24, 2011

pantry rescue

My pantry was in desperate need of organization and cleaning out. The shelves are deep and my lack of a system was causing items to get lost and food not to be eaten and was just generally driving me crazy.



So where does one go for organization containers? If your name is Jana, Goodwill & Salvation Army, of course. (Now, I probably could have found just-as-cheap containers at Wal-Mart or even Target and cut my project time in half, but I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge & practice my spray painting skills.)

The set-up in the garage: (praise the Lord for a few warm days last week!)

Please notice that I was about half-way through the first coat of primer spray paint when I suddenly realized: Oh shucks! I forgot to take before pictures! Thus the reason 2 containers are white-ish already.

Please also notice the handy-dandy spray paint helper that is hooked on the top of the spray paint can. It looks like this:
Hands down: the best $3 I've ever spent in my life. Literally saving myself from pointer-finger rehab in the future. Where-oh-where was this amazing contraption when I was spray painting the blue shelves last summer?!?

Two of the containers were dark, so I did 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of glossy white.

A day later I put everything together.

Threw away all the food that was way past its prime. Emptied the floor area and wiped it down (yuck). Bryce put a bag holder on the door. Used 4 of the white containers for 1) crackers, 2) popcorn & various packets, 3) sugar, flour & cornmeal, and 4) all of the "bags" - brown rice, beans, chocolate chips, etc. Covered a cork board in material to make place to hang recipes, notes, grocery lists, etc. Also used a $1 clipboard (from Target) for a bit of color and another place to hang recipes.

So maybe the pictures aren't that drastic, but from a utilization & practical standpoint, it's a huge improvement. Plus, I have a bunch of fun white containers now! (And if you don't know this about me yet, please know that I love containers.....plastic, metal, basket doesn't matter. They're all amazing. And a must-have for any kind of organization project.)

Spray-paint nozzle picture from here.


  1. Um...LOVE! I love organization (although I haven't been super organized lately either). I too am beginning to love contains. The more blogs you post about spray painting the more I am beginning to see the wonderfulness of it :)

  2. You are so handy, Jana! I love all your projects!! I can't wait to try all the cool things you do someday : )

  3. Jana, i love a tidy pantry! and i get my storage stuff at good will and salvation army too! i love what you found! amazing.

    i just say your comment on my grocery tips page, and while i am sorry to say that wal-mart shopping doesn't benefit much from coupon shopping [of the generic variety], unless you've got manufacturer's coupons. i don't know if you're near a meijer, but amazingly, i have found [at least around here] their produce to be amazing and their prices to be the best in town.

    generally all the other tips do work for any big box stores, especially when you check their on-line page for their weekly specials.

    hope that helps! happy shopping :)

  4. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing. You are SO creative! :)