Tuesday, February 1, 2011

project: dress dyeing

A wedding was coming up.
I "needed" a new dress.
There was a nice one in my closet that I had never worn because I didn't like the color.
So I decided to try something new and dye it.

The dress started out looking like this. It's a Target dress that I bought on the sale rack for about $5. (Pardon the bad lighting, again.)

The setup in our kitchen:

My mom & I put very hot water in a bucket & poured in half of bottle of Rit kelly green dye (which I bought for about $8, I think, at Joann's).
Then I wet the dress and put it in the bucket, stirring with a pole for about 30 minutes. Next we rinsed & wrung out the dress in the sink until the water ran clear, gradually adjusting the water from warm to cold. Final step was to hang up the dress to dry, with a plastic bag underneath to catch green drips. (Nothing was stained green . . . we wiped down the bucket, sink area, etc. with bleach water as soon as the dress was done.)

And I do believe the dress turned out beautifully. No streaking. No uneven color spots. You would never even know it used to be white!

(I followed these directions for the most part: http://www.younghouselove.com/2008/10/i-wanted-to-dye/.)


  1. Jana, that is so freakin' awesome! And don't you just love the Young House Love blog?

  2. JANA!!! I don't think I knew that the green dress was dyed! Thats so cool!! Props to you!

  3. A - I l-o-v-e YHL...been following them for awhile and so addicted. :)
    J - yes indeedy. It was a fun project...and so doable!