Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greyhouse Visit

Greyhouse is an oh-so-sweet coffee shop in West Lafayette, Indiana. I think my design eyes have been opened: I kept noticing so many interesting details when Holly & I visited last weekend (sorry for being camera-happy while we were there, Holly!).

The "chandelier" was a mass of pipe & light bulbs set in the middle of copper tiles. Visually exciting and functional - love this!

The picture is a bit fuzzy (due to my lack of how-to-use-my-own camera knowledge) but I love the composition of teal wall + wood paneling + leather chairs + rich, warm tapestry hung from the ceiling + my dear friend Holly.

Brick wall with arch detailing? Oh yes. Dark ceiling? Of course. Wood display case acting as a room divider? Yes, indeed. More leather chairs? You know it!
Check out the tile work in the point-of-sale area. I love the small black & white tile. Definitely a vintage vibe going on here.

Look: it's an old door hung sideways and parts of a piano in front of the window to the kitchen area. I believe the door is on hinges and swings upward when they are serving food.

And another part of the piano is used to hold Greyhouse menus.
One more shot of the lovely lounge area. Such a fun spot! Many thanks to Holly's brother, Zach, for suggesting that we hang out there.

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  1. Hey Jana, How is Jessica doing? I have been thinking about her a lot lately. I was wondering how her and dwight's ministery is going and how their little one is doing. I didn't really get to talk to her at the reunion. Anyway, hope this finds you well.