Monday, March 7, 2011

project: Ikea white curtains

I never want to see an Ikea white curtain again (at least not for a few months . . . at least). My mom and I hemmed 8 white curtains a week ago for the library. We had to measure each individually because of the uneven curtains, uneven carpet, and uneven curtain rods. I am deeply indebted to my mother for her help . . . about 7 hours of work and I'm so happy with the result!

This is what the room looked like right after we moved in.

Not bad. But not too good either. Faded & yellowing curtains. Broken curtain rod. Each curtain stretched tight to fight across the window. Varying lengths from shrinkage.

This picture shows how far off the floor one of the curtains was and it drove me nuts. (Parson was trying to get in on the action.)

Broken rod (that they originally fixed with scotch tape). My dad did some genius work with a dowel rod & wood glue to fix it.

Here we are in progress. Ikea curtains are loooong. This job required lots of chatting, measuring, coffee, re-measuring, cutting and measuring again.

We used iron-on tape for the hem and it resulted a firm, clean edge.
The pile of old curtains for Goodwill!

And here's the lovely finished product! You can't tell but the curtains are a softer white with a nice linen-look to the material.

Just skimming the floor now . . .

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  1. Wow! Nice work!!! Looks like QUITE a project. So glad your mom was able to help you. :)