Friday, April 15, 2011

project: baby shower!

Sister Jessica - you are in luck this week: more pictures! These are from the shower that we (Danielle, Jayne and I) threw for our friend Rachel a few weeks back. Pictures are courtesy of Danielle and her iPhone. The theme was coffee, books & chocolate and it was designed to be more of a fellowship time than an actual shower. Below is one of the mantel "scenes" - books in twine and flowers in my new Goodwill vase (that is actually a drinking glass, I think). Here is the chalkboard that Danielle found at Salvation Army + chalkboard pens (my new most favorite thing ever). Print is free-handed by yours truly. Wonderful Jayne - she is the chocolate box queen. Check out her masterpieces below. Heavenly!
Just simple brunch food. Cream cheese coffee cake. Fruit & chocolate dip. Egg casserole. Chocolate boxes. And lots of coffee & juice to drink.Here's the drink table. Another aspect to the theme was vintage tableware, so we used an assortment of mugs and containers and textures.
The simple table centerpiece: More flowers in another vase (I grabbed 3 of them), tealights in little teacups, and wooden letters (another Salvation Army find by Danielle).

Danielle did an amazing job on the favors. Each lady took home a handmade box with the cover of a children's book on the front. Inside were homemade cream cheese Oreo balls. And tucked inside the front cover was a list of reading-to-your-children tips (see below) from our guest "speaker" (the main-and-only event of the shower).

The lovely gift table. Since the theme was books, we invited all of the guests to bring a favorite children's book or even a book for Rachel.
The other shower activity was to ask each lady to jot down a quick note of encouragement or advice for the mom-to-be and I later put together a scrapbook to give to Rachel.

And here's the group of lovely women who came to the shower.

Such a fun morning and a lovely shower for my friend. (I met her baby last night - such a precious little man.)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Fun! :)

  2. How lovely!!! Looks like so much fun. What a lovely hostess you are! :)