Friday, April 8, 2011

project: entryway!

Project report on the foyer/entryway! No more drab and depressing egg-yolk-yellow. I admit that some yellows may work in a certain setting, but the yellow that covered almost our entire downstairs was definitely the wrong yellow and it was not working for me (just ask Bryce....I moan about it all the time). Our entryway gets hardly any sunlight, therefore the dreariness & "yolkiness" of the yellow was even more pronounced. Plus the trim & closet doors were pretty banged up and not very white anymore. Take a look. (Sorry for the dark pictures - it's really hard to catch the sunlight in this room.) I tackled this project on a Thursday evening (after spending days trying to decide on a paint color). I painted trim for 4 hours on Thursday night. And then started cutting in on Friday for 3 hours....and Saturday for another 4 hours....and then Bryce finished it all up for me the next Tuesday (is he a good husband or what? always rescuing me in the middle of my projects). Welcome to our new foyer-of-white. Yes, bright white. No more drab for this entryway. Quick pause to show you the wreath that I made a few weeks back. $3 grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby + brown ribbon on sale + a bouquet of silk flowers from the Dollar Store (that I cut to pieces) + hot glue = a spring wreath for cheap!

Oh so much better! Look at those crisp white walls. And my pictures "pop" even more.

I looked for these rugs for weeks, since I had already "designed" them in my head but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for (hate it when I do that). These lovely rugs from Target are pretty close. Love the bold graphic print and the colors that tie in with the rest of our home.
While "we" were in a painting-mood, Bryce painted all of the non-trim doorways in our downstairs a dark gray (5 of them). It was a bold move and took me a little bit to get used to, but I really like it now.
Here's a good before and after shot (albeit with more sun in the second one).

So much better! It's amazing how a bit of white paint (and a lot of labor) can totally change a room - making it more welcoming & bright. I love our entryway now!

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  1. 1. Love the wreath! I might have to try and make one like it too!!
    2. the white on the walls look great!
    3. the rugs - perfect!!! i really like that you used two of them too!
    4. LOVE the gray in the door-ways!!! yeah for bold :)