Wednesday, April 20, 2011

project: a new closet

Every time I opened my closet doors, the mess started screaming at me.

Let me show you what I mean:

I love bags so I have about a million, but this mess was ridiculous. I never even used half of them because I couldn't see what I had.

Oh hi puppy. He followed me around during the entire cleaning episode.

Scarves on 3 hangers. Again, not a good storage option since I can't see what's there.

The top of closet was just plain cluttered. Please also notice the random assortment of hangers that I collected over the years (a very large amount being from Target).

And these cubbies are wonderful but I definitely wasn't using them to their full advantage. For example, I hardly even opened that box in the middle and it was taking up valuable real estate!

Then after....................
5 hours of work.
4 times listening through the new Chris August CD.
3 bags of stuff to donate to Goodwill.
2 breaks - 1 for coffee and 1 for lunch.
1 rather large bag of trash.
...............I had a brand new closet!!!

I donated half of my scarves and kept only my very favorite ones, which I organized on 2 tie hangers.

3 wall hooks worked very well to organize my bags & purses. Now I can actually see them!

Bryce had the brilliant idea to move my shoe rack to the other side of the closet, which better utilizes that space. And I picked up a small basket for my flip-flops.

Yes! Organized shelves! I cleaned out my dresser, too (while I was at it), and moved some of my clothes over here.

I think this part made me the happiest: hangers that are all the same color and size! You can definitely tell which colors I like to wear. Good heavens. I need some pink and coral and red in there.

I can't forget my handy-dandy Dollar General baskets for the top shelf (with a little handle that I can just barely reach on my tip-toes). These are for organizing my small travel toiletries, other travel items, clutches, etc.

Budget breakdown:
5 packs of hangers - $1.17 each
Basket on sale - $5.00
2 tie hangers - $3.00
4 containers - $1.00 each
4 wall hooks - $0.97 each
Not bad.

I think I was on a "high" when this project was completed. Bryce just laughed at me. I don't know why but an organized space with everything in it's place makes me really happy.


  1. Um ... WOW! Looks so great Jana!! The matching hanging really made a difference huh? And I love the way you showed off your scarfs and bags, brilliant. You da man, um ... I mean, woman! :)

    - me, jess

  2. Such a "Jana" post! I love the matching hangers! Nice work, friend. :)

  3. Great job! I love organized spaces! Especially in a small house! And matching hangers is a must!!! Those wire hangers and plastic hangers from Walmart and Target are just not pleasing to the eye! :-)