Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update: 25 Before Twenty-Five

The big day is tomorrow. And I would be a terrible blogger if I didn't follow-up on my 25 Before Twenty-Five list.

  1. Go hiking with Bryce - not yet.....sometime this spring we will!

  2. Take Parson on a walk once a week (weather permitting) - we went on quite a few walks when it wasn't blizzarding or flooding. and last Sunday we did a nice long one - it actually felt warm!

  3. Visit the Habitat Restore with Bryce - accomplished last weekend. we looked at sets of kitchen cabinets & sinks & storm doors & cans of paint in random colors & light fixtures & furniture. I'm tucking that resource away for future uses.

  4. Have the Miller family down for a visit - nope....but I do believe Mrs. Brenda Miller will finally be making an appearance at my house sometime in May....plans are in the works.

  5. Find & paint/refinish an end table for the library - found a table for $25 on Craigslist but need to wait until it's warmer to sand & paint & stain outside.

  6. Reorganize & pair down my closet & make it pretty looking - not yet but the plan is as follows: hooks for my bags + a Goodwill bag full of give-aways + a few switcheroos to make it more user friendly.

  7. Complete all 3 levels of Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" workout - I ended up switching to "The Firm" instead.....but I've been keeping up with it (light weights & millions of squats: yes, please).

  8. Play card games with somebody - yes! thank you Brad & Lori! (girls rule...I think we won every game of Euchre we played....)

  9. Get all dressed up and fancy for the Firefighters Ball - yes indeed.....many thanks to Laura for a "new" black & white dress to wear. it was a lovely evening.

  10. Paint my nails a bright color - yes.....I painted them bright cherry-tomato-red for the Firefighters Ball and then kept them that way for 2 weeks - so fun!

  11. Go on a weekend retreat to a ski lodge with the youth group (but I don't have to ski) - it was a great weekend with the students......5 of "my" 9th grade girls went and, no, I didn't ski.

  12. Finish hanging the curtains in the library - oh yes (see previous post).....thanks to my mother's help.

  13. Read a book from the Library for fun - yes.....been doing a bit more reading these days.

  14. Finish the book Surprised by Hope (that I started a few months ago) - not quite, but I'm slowly working on it. it's a theological read . . . deep but oh so good. I'll do a write up on it when I'm finished.

  15. Start taking a ballet class - I'm so proud of myself.....found a random Christian dance studio online and signed up for a teen/adult semi-advanced ballet class.....the first time I've taken a class in 4 years and the first time I've seriously danced since my back surgery.....God is so good.

  16. Bake or cook something just for fun - yes....I made carrot spice muffins which turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

  17. Help host a baby shower for a dear friend - what a fun day and what an honor to bless Rachel in that way....the first baby shower that I helped plan & it was so much fun.

  18. Spend an evening at Starbucks all by myself - I had a few relaxing evenings at home by myself. sometimes home is better than Starbucks.

  19. Backup my computer files & upload all pictures to an online photo album - finished!

  20. Read my camera's manual and/or meet with someone for a lesson on how to actually use it - not yet. I just need to bring the manual into work and start studying.

  21. Give Bryce lots of hugs & kisses (daily) - of course I did!

  22. Prepare & submit our taxes - all done. whew.

  23. Reprint photos & finish (once and for all) our wedding photo album - this is not in the budget at the moment. someday I'll get it all finished but it's really not a pressing issue. :)

  24. Crochet a scarf that is actually wearable - yes and it's teal. can't get much better than that. love it and I already have orders for 2 more.

  25. Plan a trip to visit my sister & her family in Montreal - tickets purchased: check! we're going to see the Berniers in mid-June and it can't come fast enough.

So there you have it. 18 done! Only 4 not completed. And 3 in process. It was fun to have a list of projects to strive for before the big day.

And, guess what? I'm not dreading it after all.

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  1. Happy Birthday day, Jana... a day late! Hope it was awesome. Wow, can't believe "we" are twenty-five.