Friday, July 29, 2011

filing in my sleep

I just have to post about this crazy dream I had the other day.

Well, Wednesday I worked a 12.5 hour day and didn't get home until 9:30 p.m. Needless to say, I dreamed about editing and filing documents (which is basically what I was doing all day). Around 3am I woke up and my brain was literally exhausted from working out document "problems" in my sleep. I could tell this was one of those dreams that I was just going to jump back into when I fell back asleep. So, I sat up in bed, and mentally worked through every phantom document on my mental desk and "filed" it away. When my mental desk was clean, I laid back down and slept much more peacefully for the rest of the night.

I can't even believe the "filing" actually worked.
Thank goodness it did.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

June & July 2011

So, the blogging break over the past month or so has been entirely unintentional. Really. I don't know where the time went. Just no writing "umph," which I guess is all right. A quick recap is in order.

* Niece Lucy was born at the beginning of June to Janna & Justin . . . finally a little girl in the family. So excited to welcome her!

* Trip to Montreal to visit Dwight, Jessica, Nehemiah & little one on the way. It was a relaxing trip - just enjoyed entering their world for a week.

* Lots of parties and dinners and lunches and get-togethers with friends and family. It's summer time! I counted 17 different events on my calendar since June 14.

* Bryce's birthday on July 1st. There was a family dinner planned that evening with Bryce's family + some extended family, which is precisely the way Bryce would have wanted to spend his birthday anyway. And my gift to him? The Nissan Xterra that we bought that day (upgrading from our 97 Pathfinder).

* Quick trip to Fort Wayne to see my family (minus a few important people far, far away) for July 4th. It was wonderful to sit around the fire pit chatting and eating ribs and swimming at Grandma's pool.

* Still dancing. I'm taking a contemporary class this summer and loving it. So different and challenging but I leave every class excited. (And, by the way, really enjoying So You Think You Can Dance this season. Anyone else?)

* Bryce's mom's side of the family reunion in Cincinnati on July 8. Lots of good food and swimming. Enjoyed being with our immediate family. And came back to Indy for an Indians baseball game. It was a long day.

* First boating outing of the season with Greg & Liz last Saturday. We went out later in the day, which actually worked out well because it was still super hot. Welcome to Indiana heat + humidity.

That should bring you up-to-date. No exciting house projects to report. My current ongoing 3-month-long endtable redo has been permanently put on hold since the dog chewed a corner off one of the doors (after I spent hours sanding and staining and painting 4 coats of teal). Other than that, haven't felt too motivated in the house-department. Just trying to enjoy the summer and all of the wonderful busyness that it brings.