Wednesday, August 31, 2011

so proud of him...

I was chatting with someone at work this morning and, in the course of our conversation, told them that my husband is a firefighter & paramedic. As I walked back to my desk, I realized that I really am very proud of that fact.

Bryce - thank you for working so hard. Thank you being so committed to your department and dedicated to being the very best firefighter and paramedic you can be. I love it that you love your odd schedule and that you get excited when storms come because that means there might be a fire to fight. I admit: the odd hours and late night storm runs took some getting used to . . . but, despite that, I sure am proud of you.

Friday, August 26, 2011

End Table Goodness

It's finally here. The library end table is finally finished.'s only been about 7 months since I hatched this plan....but life and then nausea got in the way. No matter. It's done now and I'm pretty happy with it.

I found a $25 end table on Craigslist back in March. It felt solid, had character and lots of room to store books. I wasn't digging the chipped green though - that had to go.

But then it sat in my garage for awhile.

I finally started sanding and priming. Sanded the top all the way down and primed the rest of it.

Staining was the next step. Two applications of Minwax Jacobean stain did the trick for the top. I wanted it nice and dark.

I started with two coats of paint for the rest of the end table. It's a Valspar teal - the darkest teal swatch they have (sorry....I can't remember the color name off the top of my head). Certainly didn't look as dark painted as it did on the swatch. At this point I started panicking - it looked way to bright. I went to Lowes, hoping they would darken the quart of paint for me - no such luck - they won't touch the color after it's sold. Boo.

And so the table sat for awhile longer. Then I got super nauseous because of a certain someone and had no umph for projects.

Oh - and I forgot. The dog chewed part of the corner of the little door that was supposed to cover the upper right cubby. Oh well. Just another set back.

About a month ago, I started up again, this time with a heavy duty mask so I wouldn't breathe in the paint fumes. Two more coats of paint and it was looking significantly darker (or maybe I just didn't care anymore and wanted this thing done!). I did 3 coats of sealer on the entire piece (one especially for wood on the top and another kind for paint on the rest of it) and let it dry for a full 72 hours in the garage. Bryce helped me put on the 2 new knobs that I bought at Lowes. And he also spray-painted 4 casters (black, instead of silver) to use instead of the weird-looking round feet, and brought the finished project into the house while I was working to surprise me.

If you haven't scrolled down to look already (I don't blame you), here is the finished product in our library (mind you, no lamp or accessories yet, those will be coming). Ta-da! I love the sophistication it adds to the room and the splash of color.

*blogger is making me really frustrated right now and won't upload my other "final" pictures correctly. I'll try to get them up on Facebook.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Exciting News!

The news is officially out. We're expecting. And so thankful and blessed. Fifteen weeks along today. Due February 10. So what have the first fifteen weeks looked like?

* We actually discovered I was pregnant on June 7. Took awhile to work through the "oh my goodness, this is real" phase.
* I've had relatively constant nausea since June 14 (worse in the mid-morning, mid-to-late afternoon, evening and sometimes 3am....okay....basically all the time) - sometimes it comes in waves, sometimes it's like a heavy blanket and I just want to moan. Praying this second trimester brings some relief.
* The lack of projects and blogging this summer can be attributed to my general lack of "umph" to do just about anything.
* Already read through "On Becoming Babywise" once. Now it's time to re-read and this time underline and make lots of notes.
* My secretary friends at work have been just wonderful - they're all like extra moms and grandmas. So encouraging. My week-after-week of looking sickly started to clue them in and I finally had to tell everyone because they were all guessing.
* We told my parents the news via Skype, since we left for Montreal the day after we found out. And told Bryce's parents via an evening visit after we returned to Indy. And then slowly told siblings and grandparents over the next few weeks.
* Have I mentioned the nausea yet? The only thing that eases it a bit is eating or something sour. Lots of little snacks all day long and lemon drops.
* No huge cravings yet. Sweet things are the only thing that sound terrible to me (ice cream makes me sick just thinking about it). I've been eating a lot of cottage cheese, crackers, pretzels, yogurt, anything with tomato sauce, rice, tortilla chips . . . salt and carbs and dairy basically. And I love the frozen strawberry lemonades at McDonald's - oh my.

More updates to come, I'm sure. And hopefully a few pictures along the way!