Wednesday, September 28, 2011

20 weeks already

Halfway through already - this baby is 20 weeks old! It's amazing how much has changed in the last four weeks.

First, my appetite is back in full force. A month ago just two or three sandwich crackers would satisfy I want to eat two packages! I have no problem eating two lunches. Sweet things are yummy again. As a result (surprise, surprise) my weight gain is definitely catching up (I didn't gain much in the first 5 months since food never really sounded good), so I'm trying to pace myself and not live like I have a ticket-to-freedom when it comes to eating. :) Gotta remember that I'm not really eating for two: just me + a 10.5 oz little one.

Second, my belly has popped out, as evidenced by the 20-week picture below. Now there is no denying that I am happy to be beyond the "I'm just bloated / let's hide it because it just looks like a food-belly" stage. All of my work pants no longer fit (high wasted pants just will not close anymore) and my layering tanks kept riding up. Chris joined me in my shopping excursions this past weekend to revamp my wardrobe a little.

Third, this baby is an active little munchkin! (Boy votes, anyone?) I felt it move for-sure the night before we left on vacation, two weeks ago. I was laying in bed and talking to Bryce on the phone and all of the sudden I started laughing and exclaimed: "That was definitely a kick!" I could barely concentrate for the rest of the phone call. Since then, the movements have been gradually increasing in frequency. At first I only felt them when I laid in bed at night but now I feel movement all day long while I sit at my desk at work. Last Thursday Bryce felt the baby move for the first time - I think that moment is the highlight of my year. I didn't think he would be able to feel it for a few weeks, but we were laying in bed, with his hand on my belly, and there was a strong, definite kick - and Bryce's happy/excited/surprised exclamation confirmed that he felt it! Such a great moment.

Fourth, everyone at my office is in-the-know now. There was a noticeable increase in bump-size when I got back from vacation, and apparently the entire office was talking about it. Quite a few people stopped by my desk to congratulate me - one attorney in particular was so sweet about it and really very excited for me. It's nice for the news to be "out" now. Baggy tops are no longer necessary (which is a good thing, because what used to be baggy a month ago is now no longer baggy and I was definitely running out of options).

Fifth, I am feeling so much more like myself. House tasks and projects don't seem so daunting. I haven't minded cooking dinner (for which Bryce is thankful). The 24/7 constant nausea is all but gone. I'm ready to tackle my get-ready-for-baby list(s). Yes, this second trimester is shaping up to be a wonderful phase.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

* Did I ever write about my caffeine sensitivity? Well, brilliant Bryce figured it out. My TMJ headaches were coming back in full force last May, and Bryce suggested that I cut out caffeine (i.e. coffee) just to see if it helped. Within two days, my headaches were gone completely. Who would have guessed!? So now, no more caffeine for me - it's decaf coffee and teas only.

* My blog-writing-umph is returning. I'm craving sweets again. Food is actually sounding appetizing. I'm not feeling oh-so-carsick all day long. Yep....this morning sickness disease must be slowing fading away. Oh, I so hope! Week's about time.

* It's September now....and so begins my favorite season: fall (well, it's probably a tie with winter). So much good stuff coming this month. And so much to do! Gotta get all of the hands-on getting-ready-for-baby stuff done, since I probably won't feel like it come December & January. I'm loving this cooler weather . . . looking forward to sweaters, cozy blankets, hot drinks, slippers, crockpot soups, etc.

* Nights have been crazy lately: I've been having really weird dreams + I wake up every time I roll over. Saturday night, I had a really disturbing dream that something happened to Bryce. And last night, I had nightmareish dreams about things that I was subconsciously worrying about the day before. And it's not even important things. On top of that, I woke up at 5 am and tossed and turned until 7:30. And when I finally dragged myself out of bed, discovered that I had been chewing on my tongue (apparently those dreams were really bothering me) and now it's super painful to even swallow. Enough with the pregnancy dreaming and trouble sleeping! I think I'm going to try some yoga and hot tea before bed tonight...hopefully that helps...

I'll close this random-ness with a 16 week picture.