Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7 months and counting

(No, Dad....I did not hide the name in that post title. However, if you are astute, the letters of the little guy's name are hidden throughout this post - scrambled up, in no particular order. Good luck. :)

I do realize this blog is becoming strictly about Baby. There are five projects that I need to post about; however, that involves actually being at home when there is enough daylight to take pictures. Hopefully this weekend!

Last Friday I hit the 7 month mark. Has it really been 28 weeks already? For awhile, I heard "You're huge!" a lot (which is not exactly what a woman likes to hear). I think I just popped out so fast it took people by surprise. I feel like there's a little basketball in front of me. A basketball that wiggles all of the time. I think he's either bowling or doing the jitterbug or majorly-leaning against me (which makes my belly look lopsided) most of the time (or all three at once).

It's getting harder to type at work, cut my toenails, bend down to pick something up, hug Bryce, etc. This belly is in the way.

At my last OB appointment, I had another ultrasound (since the little dude wasn't cooperating for the first one and so they didn't get a good heart picture). I was laying flat on my back for about 20 minutes when I started feeling really sick. I thought: great, I'm going to get the flu and will have to take off a day of work. I lay there planning how I would need to throw up in a few minutes and then call in sick. Pretty soon the technician asked me if I felt okay and I most certainly did not - super nauseous, sweating, breathing hard, and feeling all-around terrible. She immediately had me lay on my left side and the "flu" symptoms disappeared almost instantly! So....maybe those rumors about laying on your back are true. :) Note to self.

The nursery is coming along nicely. Painting the walls and trim - check!  Crib & changing table - check!  New curtains - check!  Art for the walls - check!  Just a few more items to find and then we'll be ready to fill it with baby things.

My cousin-in-law (Bryce's cousin's wife) had a baby shower a few weeks ago. She is due about a month before me. There were 5 pregnant women at the shower, due in December, January, February, April and May (me, sister-in-law, cousin-in-law, cousin-in-law's wife, and cousin-in-law's-wife's sister). Below is a picture of the 5 of us (in due-date order) and also a picture of the Langebartels ladies.

Ali, Mary, me, Whitney, and McKenzie 

Kristin, Laura, me, Lucy, Lori, Wendy, Janna and Ali
My much-anticipated Goodwill trip was the first Saturday of November - 50% off everything. The goal was to spend no more than $50 and I made it to my goal (okay....$3 over....but I ended up returning $6 worth). I came away with: 4 shirts for Bryce, 4 shirts for my Mom, a bag, a pair of shoes, 7 children's books, maternity work pants (score!), 3 skirts, 4 sweaters, and 5 long sleeves. I'd say it was successful.

The little man was hiccuping at 4 o'clock this morning when Bryce left to go hunting and he kept it up for about 10 minutes straight. It made me giggle. Such a funny feeling.

Enough ramblings from me.
You should be sufficiently filled in now. :)


  1. hiccuping? I can't imagine what that must be like! So funny!

    Thanks for another wonderful Jana-filled update. I love that you ladies took the picture in due date order. So great.

    Would love to see pictures of the nursery when you have time... :)

  2. you look great! pregnancy looks to be treating you well. i respect your name secret. i tried so hard with nolan, but sometimes i gave away hints that got me in trouble. thankfully i was debating between a couple names to keep it a little more surprising.

    way to go at goodwill!! you are like a superhero.