Monday, December 19, 2011

8 months / 8 weeks

I'm not sure which is more exciting: that I'm 8 months along already or that we only have 8 weeks left. My. How time flies when you're having fun.

On the "What to Expect" pregnancy website, they have a list of Week 31 Pregnancy Symptoms, which includes the following:
  • More frequent urination - check!
  • Occasional headaches - check! (Tylenol usually takes care of it)
  • Varicose veins - not yet, but I haven't looked too closely (praise the Lord for cold weather & pants)
  • Nasal congestion - check!
  • Lower abdominal achiness - check!
  • Backaches - very few, surprisingly
  • Increasing clumsiness - check! (where are all these extra bruises coming from?)
  • Forgetfulness - check! (sometimes I really feel like I'm losing it)
  • Difficulty sleeping - check! (especially after that 3am bathroom run...)
Some nausea has returned in the early morning. Hello old friend. At least it doesn't stick around too long and isn't too overwhelming.

I'm trying to continue light workouts in the morning - alternating a "walking" DVD for 2 miles one morning and then light weights + squats/lunges the next morning. It feels good to be moving (a little bit). The goal is to be able to carry my baby (these arms are pretty wimpy and I assume my boy is going to be a big one) and hopefully dance again come summer time.

Last Saturday Bryce and I attended the childbirth class taught by a nurse practitioner and nurse from my doctor's practice. It was a long day with lots of info - some good to know, some TMI. I definitely feel like I learned a lot but Bryce was a bit bored (since a lot of it was review for him). We also got a tour of the hospital birth center (which was on my list - check that off!). Attending the class definitely made the whole delivery process seem more real and pending. It will be here before we know it. Not sure if I'm ready...

At the class, we shared the most surprising thing about the pregnancy so far. Mine was how awkward it is to do everything, even walk. It sure is hard to maneuver this belly around. Proof: Bryce had to help me put on my boots last weekend. I can still cut my toenails though.

I would sure appreciate your prayers about my work situation. There is a lot of "arranging" that needs to happen with a maternity leave and the stress of it is starting to get to me - Short Term Disability requirements, finding (and training) replacements for the three attorneys I work for, making sure my insurance will continue, etc. It's getting harder and harder to sit at a desk all day long and I can't imagine doing this up until the baby comes, so hopefully they'll let me take off a week or two early. I do want to finish well here and leave on a good note - please pray with me that I can do so!

Already today, four people asked me about my due date. I must look big or something.

Last Monday morning, I called the nurse, just to let them know that my heart rate had been fast (116) off and on since Sunday morning and I was feeling short of breath. It didn't seem like a big deal to me, but they wanted me to go to the ER just in case. (My first time in an actual ER . . . crazy.) Thank goodness Bryce was home. We spent four hours in the ER - they did an EKG, blood work, etc. but it all was normal. And the baby was perfectly fine. They sent me home with a holter monitor, which I wore for 24 hours and we'll find out in a few days whether it recorded anything abnormal. So, scare over. I must be pregnant or something. :) Trying to take it easy when I can and not overdo it.

To finish up this post, I must share about the lovely baby shower that my wonderful sister-in-law Janna threw for me two weeks ago. She hosted the Langebartels family, plus my mother and grandma. Delicious food, a fun game, being surrounded by family, and sweet gifts made for a lovely Sunday afternoon. I felt so blessed and cherished. A big "thank you!" to those of you who came and brought gifts for our little man!


  1. i love everything about this update. i am sooo excited to be able to see you in person ... and that cute little baby belly of yours :) P.UM.PED. :)

  2. haha. great update. i remember all those things from not too long ago! i may have missed it, but have you picked nursery colors? so excited for you & your budding family!

  3. Great post, Jana. Thanks for keeping things real. Learning a lot through you... Super-pumped to see you NEXT weekend! :)

  4. Dear "the mrs" - We're not really doing a traditional nursey per se but I will definitely post pictures of the baby's room in early January. Just a few more things to finish up! :)