Monday, December 12, 2011

project: living room updates

Bryce and I are slowly adding little things to the living room. We got rid of our TV and stand - the TV was broken and we hardly used it. A friend picked up a few items at Ikea for me this fall. I love the expedit bookcases and coordinating bins, which we are using to store DVDs, games, my workout stuff and, later, kids toys. It also provides a place for (our growing collection of) children's books, which I wanted to have low and accessible in the living room.

A friend gave us a large, canvas world map that we hung in the living room in place of the TV. Bryce has been wanting one for a long time. Oh - and the leather chair we found on craigslist. The matching chair is up in the nursery/guest room.

Just keeping it real. That's where Bryce's stuff usually sits when he comes home from work.


  1. awesome room updates!! one day our houses are going to be legendary! at least to us ;)

  2. OH.... and you might want to hide your fav kid books. i had a similar idea so logan could read them at will. he tore all the pages out. and shredded them. tape only helped for so long. it didn't happen until he was around 2, but still. no matter how many times we went over "soft touches" for books, we still had some casualties.

  3. I think my favorite is the world map... love it! :)