Tuesday, January 31, 2012

project: hanging the jewelry frames

Some of you may remember the jewelry frames that Bryce helped me make awhile ago. They've been sitting on my dresser ever since, but have been driving me nuts: taking up space, sliding off the dresser, etc. Bryce's genius came to the rescue and now they've been mounted to the wall. I love how I come up with the perfect plan (i.e. let's hang them!) and then Bryce figures out how to make it happen. (We also did a dresser switch in our bedroom and it works so much better than the old way.)

 The earring holder is mounted on hinges so that I can swing it away from the wall and undo the earrings that have backs on them. And, when it's closed, the frame is held against the wall with a little hook.

Sometimes it's the little things - like switching up a room a little bit and organizing the top of a dresser - that make such a big difference.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

project: Nursery Reveal!

Finally. The pictures you've all been waiting for (well, the pictures that at least 2 or 3 of you have been waiting for). The nursery/guest bedroom/future childrens' room is finally complete. This little room redo consisted of a fresh coat of gray paint and white trim, new cover for the bench, new bedding, "new" curtains (that we used in our apartment), shelves (from Goodwill) & art for the walls, and purchase of the crib & changing table (from Craigslist) - all for about $200.

Let's start with two "before" pictures, shall we? Here's a few shots from right after we moved in and not much changed.

Until now . . . ta-da!

And some of the details . . . 

 (Diaper cake that Janna made . . . can't bring myself to dismantle it yet.)



If you have any specific questions about sources, etc., just ask away in the comments. Hope you enjoyed the little "tour."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday the 26th

Some ramblings as we get closer to the finish line . . .

I'm getting the "when are you due" question all of the time now. Just this morning, I've already told two people, "Two weeks from tomorrow!" That's crazy.

I was at a Salvation Army store the other day, and one of the workers guessed that it's a boy based on the way I'm carrying. Um. Kind of creepy. And he also said that I was about ready to pop. You don't say.

Everything at home and on my list is wrapping up nicely, which is a good thing because I am so exhausted all of the time. I think every evening this week, I went home, threw something together for dinner and then sat on the couch to watch Hulu . . . and didn't move until Bryce got home or I dragged myself into bed. (I even left the dishes for him, since it really hurts my back to stand at the sink now.) I'm sleeping relatively well (once I get to sleep) but there's never enough of it. Good thing I have some wiggle-room with my hours at work this week, because getting up at 7:50 means that I will not make it on time.

Work has been super crazy (which is good and bad - the time flies but I'm terribly uncomfortable and just downright miserable some days). There are lots of little loose ends to be tied up: Filing organization and cleaning out. Training three ladies to take over my three attorney assignments. Cleaning out all of my computer files and e-mails. I'm slightly (okay, sometimes very) paranoid that the baby will come early and I won't have everything wrapped up at work, and that bothers me (you have no idea how much - I can't stand the idea of not being able to finish something). Bryce keeps reminding me: "Well, you can only do what you can do. If he comes, he comes and you forget about work" (verbatim from a text he just sent moments ago). I think I need to write that out and post it on my desk.

  • Finally visited Buy Buy Baby last night. It totally feels like a Bed Bath & Beyond ...but with baby stuff. Kind of overwhelming.
  • Chris came over last Saturday and helped me do some cleaning. And we cooked hamburger and chicken to put in the freezer. Such a great friend.
  • Our basement flooded a few weeks ago. I was the one who discovered it - while I was on the phone with Bryce, I stepped into about a foot of water and screamed (I don't remember the screaming part but he says that I did). Turns out our sump pump was super ancient. No worries though. We don't store anything down there and the new sump pump is working beautifully.
  • I feel a cold coming on. This could be a very long day (and night, since I can't take Nyquil).
  • Have I mentioned yet that I'm ready to be done with work? Well, I am!
  • Parson's ear is infected, so he was very restless last night. I wonder if the infection makes it so he can't hear very well . . . and that's why he barked (at nothing) every 2 hours or so all night long. Plus, he wanted to go outside after I had already been asleep for an hour. And he kept shaking his head, over and over. Oh boy. Long night.
  • Just had a mini Milky Way. Oh yum. Chocolate is wonderful.
Can't think of anything brilliant to finish with.
Is it lunch time yet?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Last Hurrah

(Funny note: when I was composing this blog post in my head, I told Bryce that I was going to call it "One Last Ta-Da." He then informed me that the saying was actually "One Last Hurrah.")

Bryce and I snuck away to Turkey Run State Park last weekend. Well, we actually left on Sunday afternoon and came back Tuesday afternoon. Such a nice little get-away before the little man arrives. We stayed in the Inn.

And did lots of this: sitting around with our feet up.

The decor at the Inn was nice and rustic. For example, the fishes carved into our chairs.

This is my view these days.

So nice to just be able to read and relax together.

Yes, I have taken to carrying a basketball/watermelon under my shirt.

Monday afternoon we took a walk. It was such a mild day for January in Indiana. And the walk was short and slow since my endurance levels these days are sorely lacking. It doesn't take much to get my heart racing.

That's us.

And a self-portrait, of course.

A picture of my new boots - just for you, Jess.

We also did lots of this: laying around on the bed in our room. Bryce worked on school work and I crocheted and read. Please notice the slightly-creepy deer wood carving above the headboard.

Thank you, Jesus, for time to get away and relax for a few days . . . before our lives change forever.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The End of an Era

It occurred to me the other night, while I was laying in bed, feeling the baby move and trying to sleep: in just two weeks, I will be finished with a decade of working in an office in some capacity.

I started working at my dad's office the summer after my freshman year of high school - as a receptionist and assistant to the HR department. I worked there the next summer, as a receptionist and doing data entry. My final summer before college, I worked for a realtor friend as a personal assistant. During my college years, I worked in the Fine Arts Department office and also in the Semester Abroad office. During the summers I worked at an engineering firm as a receptionist, etc. and then as an intern at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center. Right after graduation, I worked at Ambassador Family Enterprises for a year as a personal assistant/administrative assistant/human resource assistant/office manager. The move after marriage necessitated a job change and I've been at this law firm for two and a half years now, working as an executive assistant and legal secretary.

I love the office environment (thus the reason I was a business major). I love scheduling and organizing and filing (most of the time) and doing business-type things. So thankful for all of the experiences I've had over the last ten years . . . "dressing up" and wearing heels and working from 8-5 and getting paid on vacations and learning to work with all sorts of people and being challenged in many different ways.

But now it is time to move on to a new career: motherhood. I started reading a new book on our little vacation: The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. Such perfect timing. Thank you, Jesus. My heart is so encouraged and excited to start this new and eternally-significant journey. My little man soon-to-make-his-appearance (and future little ones) needs a mother who is fully committed to being just that: a mother. I feel my selfish hold on personal dreams and goals loosening and a slow awakening to the beauty of being a mother who is fully-present and whole-heartedly available for her children. I am beginning to see the beauty of God's plan for families and my part in that plan.

The next few decades of my life as a mother will not be as "cush" as my office jobs - that is for sure. But the eternal significance, personal growth, spiritual learning and all-around-fulfillment will be no less (and probably more) - of that I am certain.