Thursday, January 19, 2012

The End of an Era

It occurred to me the other night, while I was laying in bed, feeling the baby move and trying to sleep: in just two weeks, I will be finished with a decade of working in an office in some capacity.

I started working at my dad's office the summer after my freshman year of high school - as a receptionist and assistant to the HR department. I worked there the next summer, as a receptionist and doing data entry. My final summer before college, I worked for a realtor friend as a personal assistant. During my college years, I worked in the Fine Arts Department office and also in the Semester Abroad office. During the summers I worked at an engineering firm as a receptionist, etc. and then as an intern at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center. Right after graduation, I worked at Ambassador Family Enterprises for a year as a personal assistant/administrative assistant/human resource assistant/office manager. The move after marriage necessitated a job change and I've been at this law firm for two and a half years now, working as an executive assistant and legal secretary.

I love the office environment (thus the reason I was a business major). I love scheduling and organizing and filing (most of the time) and doing business-type things. So thankful for all of the experiences I've had over the last ten years . . . "dressing up" and wearing heels and working from 8-5 and getting paid on vacations and learning to work with all sorts of people and being challenged in many different ways.

But now it is time to move on to a new career: motherhood. I started reading a new book on our little vacation: The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. Such perfect timing. Thank you, Jesus. My heart is so encouraged and excited to start this new and eternally-significant journey. My little man soon-to-make-his-appearance (and future little ones) needs a mother who is fully committed to being just that: a mother. I feel my selfish hold on personal dreams and goals loosening and a slow awakening to the beauty of being a mother who is fully-present and whole-heartedly available for her children. I am beginning to see the beauty of God's plan for families and my part in that plan.

The next few decades of my life as a mother will not be as "cush" as my office jobs - that is for sure. But the eternal significance, personal growth, spiritual learning and all-around-fulfillment will be no less (and probably more) - of that I am certain.


  1. This post makes my heart so happy. I am excited for us to do motherhood together!

  2. Jana! I LOVE this post. :) What a beautiful transition you are making.
    Love you! (and your little man and "future little ones")

  3. you're going to to great!! excited for your little bundle to arrive!!