Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holiday Happiness

A very random assortment of Christmas and family get-together and shower photos!

Rehearsing for Christmas Eve service at Eagle Church.

 Christmas Eve brunch at Papa & Mema Langebartels'

My sister and her family arrived in Indiana!

Family & friends baby shower. A special time of prayer. And the excited face is me opening up a pair of super cute little fireman's boots.

Time with cousins. And Bryce and I at my parent's house.

Snuggling with both of my little nephews - Nehemiah and Malachi.

Brother Jordan and I. And Jordan with the nephew.

Great Grandma (Gram-Gram) and Grandma with 8 week old Malachi.

There's a smile! 

 Uncle Bryce playing with Nehemiah.

My handsome man. He's my favorite.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandchildren. They'll be a third added soon!


  1. LOOOOVE these pics!!! Thanks for posting. :)

  2. I too love these pictures :) Love our Eberly-Family!