Tuesday, January 31, 2012

project: hanging the jewelry frames

Some of you may remember the jewelry frames that Bryce helped me make awhile ago. They've been sitting on my dresser ever since, but have been driving me nuts: taking up space, sliding off the dresser, etc. Bryce's genius came to the rescue and now they've been mounted to the wall. I love how I come up with the perfect plan (i.e. let's hang them!) and then Bryce figures out how to make it happen. (We also did a dresser switch in our bedroom and it works so much better than the old way.)

 The earring holder is mounted on hinges so that I can swing it away from the wall and undo the earrings that have backs on them. And, when it's closed, the frame is held against the wall with a little hook.

Sometimes it's the little things - like switching up a room a little bit and organizing the top of a dresser - that make such a big difference.


  1. Very nice! And, yes, Bryce is a genius and you sure have the plans!

  2. I love that it swings on hinges! How lovely! You guys sure make a good team. :) So glad we were able to chat tonight. Definitely thankful for you <3

  3. p.s. here's the blog I was telling you about: http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/. I looked up the one you told me about (passionate homemaking) and it looks really great! Feel free to pass along others. Hmmm... maybe you should do a blog post on the blogs you read? Maybe your top 10? Just an idea to keep for a rainy day. :)

  4. um hello, i LOVE the swings on hinges idea! props to you and brycedog! wanna fly you both out here and do it for me? no really, do you want to? :)

  5. Okay, Jess. Maybe next week? After the baby arrives? We'll bring him with us. :) When I come out this summer, I'll bring some hinges with me and maybe Dwight could put them on for you - it works amazing!