Sunday, January 29, 2012

project: Nursery Reveal!

Finally. The pictures you've all been waiting for (well, the pictures that at least 2 or 3 of you have been waiting for). The nursery/guest bedroom/future childrens' room is finally complete. This little room redo consisted of a fresh coat of gray paint and white trim, new cover for the bench, new bedding, "new" curtains (that we used in our apartment), shelves (from Goodwill) & art for the walls, and purchase of the crib & changing table (from Craigslist) - all for about $200.

Let's start with two "before" pictures, shall we? Here's a few shots from right after we moved in and not much changed.

Until now . . . ta-da!

And some of the details . . . 

 (Diaper cake that Janna made . . . can't bring myself to dismantle it yet.)



If you have any specific questions about sources, etc., just ask away in the comments. Hope you enjoyed the little "tour."


  1. I love it, Jana! You're awesome. The room is perfect :) Can't wait to meet the little man!

    Tallie :)

  2. Y-amazing! I'm with Tallie: I love it, and I think the room is perfect. Now, just waiting for the little fella to arrive.
    Hugs! ~Mom

  3. Oh, Jana...great room! I see those adorable little fireman boots. ;)


  4. So great, Jana! Looks like you guys are totally ready for this little guy to make his appearance! :)

  5. He will love looking at the leaves while you are quickly trying to change those diapers! I moved a picture of a monkey on the wall next to Jude's changing table, and he loves to touch and look at it while he gets cleaned up. Looks beautiful!

  6. Jana!!! This brings joy to my heart :) Looks amazing! So glad I was able to see most of it in person. Can't wait to see pictures of the little man IN the room, that will be even joyfuller :)

  7. Tallie - thank you! You're so quick to comment. :)
    Mom - I know...we can't wait, too.
    Erin - love those boots...had to display them somehow. :)
    Holly - yes, we're definitely ready now! (There are boxes of diapers in the closet.)
    Becca - thank you! I hope he does like those leaves.
    Jess - I'm also glad that you were able to see most of it in person...such a blessing.