Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday the 26th

Some ramblings as we get closer to the finish line . . .

I'm getting the "when are you due" question all of the time now. Just this morning, I've already told two people, "Two weeks from tomorrow!" That's crazy.

I was at a Salvation Army store the other day, and one of the workers guessed that it's a boy based on the way I'm carrying. Um. Kind of creepy. And he also said that I was about ready to pop. You don't say.

Everything at home and on my list is wrapping up nicely, which is a good thing because I am so exhausted all of the time. I think every evening this week, I went home, threw something together for dinner and then sat on the couch to watch Hulu . . . and didn't move until Bryce got home or I dragged myself into bed. (I even left the dishes for him, since it really hurts my back to stand at the sink now.) I'm sleeping relatively well (once I get to sleep) but there's never enough of it. Good thing I have some wiggle-room with my hours at work this week, because getting up at 7:50 means that I will not make it on time.

Work has been super crazy (which is good and bad - the time flies but I'm terribly uncomfortable and just downright miserable some days). There are lots of little loose ends to be tied up: Filing organization and cleaning out. Training three ladies to take over my three attorney assignments. Cleaning out all of my computer files and e-mails. I'm slightly (okay, sometimes very) paranoid that the baby will come early and I won't have everything wrapped up at work, and that bothers me (you have no idea how much - I can't stand the idea of not being able to finish something). Bryce keeps reminding me: "Well, you can only do what you can do. If he comes, he comes and you forget about work" (verbatim from a text he just sent moments ago). I think I need to write that out and post it on my desk.

  • Finally visited Buy Buy Baby last night. It totally feels like a Bed Bath & Beyond ...but with baby stuff. Kind of overwhelming.
  • Chris came over last Saturday and helped me do some cleaning. And we cooked hamburger and chicken to put in the freezer. Such a great friend.
  • Our basement flooded a few weeks ago. I was the one who discovered it - while I was on the phone with Bryce, I stepped into about a foot of water and screamed (I don't remember the screaming part but he says that I did). Turns out our sump pump was super ancient. No worries though. We don't store anything down there and the new sump pump is working beautifully.
  • I feel a cold coming on. This could be a very long day (and night, since I can't take Nyquil).
  • Have I mentioned yet that I'm ready to be done with work? Well, I am!
  • Parson's ear is infected, so he was very restless last night. I wonder if the infection makes it so he can't hear very well . . . and that's why he barked (at nothing) every 2 hours or so all night long. Plus, he wanted to go outside after I had already been asleep for an hour. And he kept shaking his head, over and over. Oh boy. Long night.
  • Just had a mini Milky Way. Oh yum. Chocolate is wonderful.
Can't think of anything brilliant to finish with.
Is it lunch time yet?


  1. Oh Jana, I love this post! Wow... THREE girls are taking over your ONE job? I guess that says a lot about how amazing of a job you've done! Praying that you have a surprisingly peaceful night of sleep! <3

  2. I agree-- i love this post! haha!

    -Angie Barrow :)