Wednesday, February 1, 2012

project: crochet blanket

Some of the ladies at work taught me to crochet last spring. Or I should say "re-taught," since I first learned in elementary school and then again in college, but never got "hooked" (pun intended). I made a few scarves over the summer/fall and then decided to attempt my first baby blanket. 

I found a simple pattern online, bought some thick yarn in brown & green and got to work. The pattern can be found here.

It's thick and cozy and I can't wait to use it for our little boy.

Oh, hi Parson. I think he wanted his picture on the blog.


  1. I love crocheting! That blanket looks so warm. I must try that pattern when I get back to the States. I made a hat over first attempt. It's not too bad ;)


  2. you rock :) can't wait to make one for my boys! i think i need a little more practice those :)

  3. The blanket looks great, Jana!
    I was working on teaching myself how to make a hat the other week. If I had enough yarn, I think I would have done pretty well. ;)


  4. Thanks, ladies! :) You should definitely check out that pattern - it's super easy and fast. I used it to make 2 scarves as well and they turned out really nice.