Friday, March 2, 2012

3 Weeks In

Various observations from three weeks of motherhood. I apologize in advance for the quite-possible lengthiness of this post.

  • I never knew that I would take to it - motherhood - so easily. Not that it's easy. But it's natural, somehow. This little boy is such a natural part of my life now. Like we were always meant to be mother and son.
  • JD will actually stop crying when I hold him. Prior to having this child, I didn't think that I could ever comfort a baby (I was just terrible at it before). But I can now. And it's such an amazing feeling.
  • Bryce was off for a week after the birth and then my mom visited for a few days - Tuesday to a Sunday. Mothers are wonderful. She cooked and cleaned and made sure I was drinking enough water. She even came to my rescue at 2 am one night because Justus wouldn't stop crying and I was so tired I was about ready to cry myself.
  • Justus has so many faces. The poop face. The gearing up for a sneeze face. The I can't decide whether or not to cry face. The grunting face. The almost smiling face. I love them all.
  • Our first outing was to the doctor a week after Justus was born, February 16. He passed with flying colors. He lost 9% of his birth weight at the hospital. Usually they give newborns two weeks to get back to their birth weight but JD was back up to 8 pounds, 4 ounces at one week. Way to go, little man! He's a good little eater, obviously.
  • Our second outing was to church on February 19. We sat in the "baby section" in the back and were bombarded with people wanting to meet Justus. So overwhelmingly wonderful. It was a bit of a long day for me since we went to my in-laws afterwards for the afternoon, but definitely nice to get out of the house and see friends & family again.
  • Our third outing was to a wedding on February 25 - 3.5 hours away. Yes, we're a little bit crazy. Bryce's cousin was getting married near Lexington, KY so we made the trek. Justus did wonderfully; it was me that had a harder time - but it was worth it to be there with the family. Bryce and I held JD during the wedding ceremony but then he was passed around so much for the rest of the day that I only saw him when it was feeding time. He sure is a content little baby, didn't mind at all being held by so many aunts and uncles and cousins.
  • My favorite is watching Bryce with Justus. I think this father pretty much adores his son and I love to watch them together.
  • The number one question we get asked is how the dog is doing with the baby. There have been no problems so far! Parson doesn't seem to mind him. Every once in a while he'll get a little closer and sniff JD a bit but that's the extent of his interest. Thank goodness.
  • We have been overwhelmed with food generosity - I haven't had to cook a dinner yet. And we've even used some of the meals for lunches. Such a blessing. I'm feeling better about the schedule and lack of sleep now, but at first there was no way I could have even thought about putting a dinner together. Such a big thank you to the friends and family who have blessed us and still are blessing us!
  • Can I just say that I have no idea how one little body can generate so much laundry?!? I used to do 2-3 large loads per week and now we average about 1 large load per day. It's crazy. Burp clothes, blankets, bibs, little outfits, cradle sheets . . . sometimes I can hardly keep up with the turnaround needed to keep our little man dry and clean.
That should catch you up on the state of things in our abode.
We are blessed indeed.

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  1. I loved this Jana. I am looking forward to reading more and more updates on little JD. Love this Langebartels family!

  2. Thank you for a wonderful blog post, JA! I've been thinking about you guys tons... Sounds like you're adjusting to motherhood just wonderfully. Oh, and thanks for posting the pics on facebook. Absolutely LOVE them!!! :)

  3. Awww.... Jana, JD is adorable and it sounds like you're adjusting to motherhood wonderfully! I'm excited for you. :)
    Thanks for sharing the happenings of your life!