Thursday, March 22, 2012

Justus at 6 weeks

Justus Daniel . . .
. . . memories from his 6th week:

He loves to be snuggled upright on our chest.
We are getting little smiles now - love it!
And now he's looking straight into our eyes for longer periods of time.
Current nicknames: Buster Brown, Buga-buga-boo, Buddy (stuck on the "B"s).
Just when you think his eyes can't open any wider, they do!
His cheeks are getting bigger and his thighs are so smooshy.
Did I mention his cute, cute cheeks? So kissable.
He likes to grunt a lot. And wiggle. So much wiggling.
He likes car rides and usually falls sleep right away.
The falling reflex is kind of fading away....and I miss it.
The "o" month is so precious - love those little lips.
His neck is pretty strong for his age.....loves to try to hold his head up.
It looks like his eyes are turning brown but it could be 5 more months until we know for sure.
He's found his fist and enjoys sucking it like crazy.

There's so much I want to remember.

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