Friday, March 23, 2012

My Top 8 Design Blogs

I currently read 25 design blogs (and this doesn't include the 32 other random blogs that I follow). My dear friend, Holly, asked me to post about my favorite blogs, so I thought today I would share my top 8 design blogs and later I'll post about my favorite random blogs. :-) (You can click on the blog titles to take you directly to the blog.)

  1. Young House Love -- I know. I know. Basically everyone who reads design/DIY blogs reads this blog. But it really is the best one out there (in my humble opinion). John & Sherry post twice a day about their DIY-passion-turned-real-life-job and it's the first blog I read every morning. (Check out their recent kitchen redo: a-mazing!)
  2. Bower Power -- yes, Katie is a little crazy. And yes, she can be a little inappropriate (in a totally funny way) at times. But this blog is pretty addicting. She makes me laugh, her son is adorable, and she also has some great home projects.
  3. Decor Chick, Thrifty Decor Chick, and View Along the Way -- okay, so that's three blogs. But, honestly, they seem very similar to me. The ladies are hilarious and creative. Do you see a theme here? I seem to like the witty writers who also do cool house projects.
  4. Dream Book Design -- this blog is by a couple in Arizona. I enjoy their design aesthetic. Check out their kitchen/dining/laundry room redo. A plus: she's currently pregnant with her first, a boy. 
  5. Jones Design Company -- This lady has lovely printables, lovely pictures, her home is creative and she used to be a ballerina. What more can I say.
  6. Jeanne Oliver Designs -- Yes, Jeanne has her own clothing/textiles shop. And, yes, it's pretty amazing (her camera bags are gorgeous...unfortunately pretty expensive). She also takes lovely pictures and is a wonderful writer.
  7. Our Fifth House -- This lady isn't afraid to do what she loves. Proof? The walls in her living room are dark red. Definitely not "in" right now but it's what she likes! My favorite is the stenciled wall in her dining room.
  8. KFD Designs  -- This gal makes her living by doing custom paint jobs and posts about her projects on her blog. She's amazing. Furniture, kitchen cabinets, wall stencils, wall murals, custom canvases - I love looking at her work.
Honorable mentions:
4 men 1 lady - amazing designer
kara pasley designs - husband/wife design team
Nesting Place - lovely musings on life
Perfectly Imperfect - great furniture redos
Ten June - definitely doable house projects
Thirtyeight 20 - gutting & rebuilding an old log house

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