Thursday, April 5, 2012

8 weeks

8 weeks in.
Can't believe this little man has been in my life (in the flesh) for 2 months now.
Current nickname: Mr. Dude.
JD is really filling out - newborn onesies are too small (boo-hoo).
His face is rounder.
I love all of the coos and gurgles we hear these days.
He found his fist and it's constantly being put in his mouth, with the thumb tucked in.

Last week, JD started rocking his naps: awake for one hour and then sleeping for two during the day. Not so much this week - I think he's colicky.
And not so much the nights, started waking every 3 hours for a full feeding, instead of sleeping 4-5 hours.
So many different phases.
(Fellow mothers: any ideas on how to encourage a full night of sleep?)
Justus is "tracking" so well these - follows us with his eyes and turns his head.
Enjoys play time on the floor mat - love watching him kick up a storm.
He moved upstairs to the crib earlier this week - I sleep so much better that way.

What about the mother?
She is honestly suffering from a sleep-deprived brain (make sure I write it down if you want me to remember it in an hour).
The last two weeks have been the best yet - thankful that the pain is slowly diminishing.
Lately I've been enjoying baking/cooking and rereading Louisa May Alcott books (for the 15th time).
Thankful for my wonderful husband, who does such a good job taking care of me and JD.
Looking forward to celebrating Easter this weekend and seeing family on both sides.


  1. Thanks for the update, Jana! I can tell you're a proud mama. :) Praying that you'll continue to recover and that JD will start sleeping through the night!

  2. Thanks for the update! Nice, I was going to ask you how it was with him sleeping in the crib!
    Random thought - when he wakes up at night, maybe try letting him cry for 10 minutes or so. He might be waking up out of his normal habit time during the day. He might surprise you and go right back to sleep!
    Random thought #2 - the nights Bryce is home, have him go check on Justus (see if he needs to burp, #2 diaper, or just needs to swaddled and calmed down). Dwight would do this at points with Nehemiah when I was trying to feed N less during the night. Worth a try :)

  3. His face is rounder! :) I love that first picture of him. Oh my, he is beautiful, Jana.