Wednesday, May 30, 2012

JD at 4 months

May 30, 2012. Justus' 16 week birthday. Oh we've come such a long way in 4 months.

* Justus found his hands and loves to "hold" his own hands. So precious!

* Love all of the little laughs that are happening lately. Aunt Kristin is the best at making him laugh.

* JD likes to try to stand and those little chubby thighs are so adorable. I like to sit him on the Boppy in front of me and watch him practice holding his head up....and he does a pretty good job!

* Lots of rolling over! I usually find JD on his belly at the end of nap time.

* And lately he's been doing some "high flying" on his belly - head up and feet up.

* There's more hair on his head. I just noticed that this morning. It's a soft, light brown and straight (so far!). There's a cute calic in the back middle. After one nap time last week, Bryce and I discovered some crazy hair action going on. I don't know if you can quite tell in the picture but it was sticking straight up on top.

* Lots of drool everywhere! He's always dripping or blowing bubbles or both. The front of his onesie is usually wet.

* JD went on his very first hike on Memorial Day. Bryce and I, with the baby and dog in tow, headed off to the park. We hiked for an hour around the water and JD did pretty well in the Baby Bjorn carrier; he eventually fell asleep.

* Nights were pretty good for awhile. Then last week he regressed to feeding every 3-4 hours. Mom's opinion of this new development: yuck. Hopefully we're back to a good schedule soon. Maybe it's a growth spurt?

* Those little fingers are all the time grasping and pulling things to his mouth. And his toes stay all curled up. If you put your finger by them, they'll curl around it.

* Justus watches the dog now. His eyes will follow Parson around the room.

* Lots of little gurgles. The other day, he was laying on his floor mat and happy-gurgling up a storm. When I went to check on him after about 15 minutes, there was a trail of bubbles down his chin and neck. So funny.

* If I put a toy on his belly, he'll grab it, maybe wave it around a bit, and then bring the toy to his mouth.

* Bryce and I might be a little bit partial, but we agree that Justus is pretty much the cutest baby ever. :-)


  1. Yes, cutest baby ever. :) Those big eyes.

  2. Oh my little nephew, how I love you!!!
    Just listen to your Aunt Jessica for a bit, start sleeping better for your parents young man! Ok now that we got that take care of, now on to the good stuff. Your eyes are precious. Your wittle toes are so long. You look very much like your daddy with a hint of your beautiful mother! I cannot wait to see you in a month!!!!! I will hold you, and give you lots of kisses.

    Love from me, for always and forever ... Aunt J.

  3. love, love, love the pics!!! Thanks so much for a wonderful update. It's hard to believe how quickly he is growing. Definitely seeing more personality even in his eyes. So fun. Gonna have to see this little guy again soon! :)