Monday, June 4, 2012

my Capezio friend

Their lifespan is winding down. Oh my dear friend of 10+ years. Some of the best money I ever spent (actually, that would be my mother who spent the money). Traveled with me all around the world. Now my morning exercise partner.

Yes, I am talking about my beloved Capezio jazz sneakers.

They're slowly dying . . . bits and pieces fall off when I'm working out in the morning.

Oh . . . how many memories are locked up in these shoes.

My mother purchased them for me in early high school for about $90, which seemed like an awful lot of money for a pair of dance shoes. But it was sure worth it. With these shoes, I've traveled around the world and was blessed with some amazing experiences.

(Granted, my shoes are not in all of the following pictures - but they were there!)

"Temple of the Heart" production - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Messianic Jewish conference - North Carolina

Dance workshop, military base chapel performance, air museum performance - England

Various classes and performances at 4 different dance studios - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dance workshop - Jacksonville, Florida

Classes and student-directed performance - Sydney, Australia

Tribute performance at Fort Monroe - Norfolk, Virginia

Teaching at another dance workshop - Goshen, Indiana

Classes and various performances - Bethel College, Indiana

I'm going to miss these shoes when they finally "dance their last."
It's been fun, my wonderful dance shoes.


  1. this post made me smile. not because you are done with a great pair of shoes. and not because this shoes have gone to some amazing places with you. BUT, because you did a post about shoes. lovvve it!

  2. A lovely tribute in very Jana-like fashion!