Saturday, August 25, 2012

Be a Weed

Now, hear me out on this one.

I was outside this morning sweating and weeding. Bemoaning my poor plants that did not survive this hot summer and lack of rain (plus my lack of watering consistency). As I was removing the hardy weeds, it occured to me that I need to be more like a weed, for two reasons:

First, because weeds thrive wherever they are placed. I love my begonias, I really do, but they are so picky about the kind of soil they are placed in, the amount of water, etc. Sometimes I blame my lack of spiritual growth on the current conditions of my life--but a weed wouldn't do that. A weed would find a way to grow, wherever it happened to land.

Second, because weeds survive (thrive even!) in the midst of drought. Our grass was brown, but not the weeds. My flowers really struggled, but not the weeds. They were still green and growing. Life has seasons of drought; it's just part of living on this earth. But the Spirit doesn't run dry and the Word is always alive and breathing life. So it's possible to keep on flourishing.

Therefore, be a weed.
And not a picky begonia.

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