Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letter to JD on his 6 month birthday

Oh Justus. My little JD.

Today is halfway to 1 year - so amazed that you have been apart of our family for 6 months now. A few weeks ago I asked your Dad: what did I do in my free time before having a baby? I can't even remember. You keep me so wonderfully busy.

Every snuggle is cherished these days because you want to be sitting up, looking around, moving. Just a few days ago you finally got up on your knees and starting rocking, so I know crawling will happen soon. You have amazing grabbing ability (at least I think it's amazing....but then again, I think everything about you is amazing). Yesterday you decided that the drawstrings on my shorts were a fun toy. There is constant drool and slobber, but I don't mind and you're really a good little teether, if this is as bad as it gets. Your laugh is my favorite. I can squeeze your little thighs a certain way and you just giggle like crazy which makes me giggle and then we laugh together. Your cheeks are also my favorite. I pretty much kiss them all day long. Last week I got an "exersaucer" for you and you love it. It's definitely the new favorite toy. Today we finished reading through "The Jesus Storybook Bible." Such a beautiful and childlike rendition of the Gospel. Can't wait to start reading it again with you.

Let's see. What little milestones happened this month? You're almost into 6 months clothes and still in size 3 diapers. You weigh about 16 pounds. You have been exclusively bottle-fed for about 2 weeks now. You've almost grown out of your bath "sling." You've slept through the night consistently for over a month now. Once it clicked, you never turned back. You even slept for 14 hours straight one night last week! You went on your first road trips: to Montreal and then Iowa two weeks later and Cincinnati yesterday. You got to meet your cousin Nehemiah for the first time! You had your first experience in Iowa going into big bodies of water: in the lake and then the indoor pool--I think you sort of enjoyed it. You started to love the dog--for about a week he made you laugh and laugh.

You are such a joy to me and to your Dad.
We love you, Justus.
How we long for you to know Jesus loves you.
Can't wait to tell you all about Him. (Well, we already do....just can't wait for you to understand.)

Your Mama

Watching the dog and laughing!

JD and cousin Malachi.

This is what reading books looks like these days.

Camping in Iowa for the family reunion.

Hanging out with Great-Papa.

Loving the new exersaucer!


  1. Love this Jana! What a blessed little boy!

    1. :) Hopefully he does mind his mom being sappy online.

    2. That would be "doesn't." :) :)

  2. We love you too Justus. Happy 6 month birthday! We can't wait to see what plans God has for your life.


    1. You mean "Aunt Liz." :) You'll have to come over soon to see the crawling progress!