Sunday, September 9, 2012

Over half a year . . .

Highlights of month number seven for Mr. JD! Time just keeps moving right along.

  • Justus is a pro at army crawling. And he can move fast when he sees something he wants. Like an electrical cord. Or the dog's tail. Or the shoestring on Mom's tennis shoes while she's trying to work out (that happened Saturday morning . . . Dad to the rescue). Also, the necks of all of his onesies are stretched out because of his crazy crawling.
  • He loves to hit/pat all surfaces, especially when he army crawls onto something new, like the rugs in the foyer or the floor in the laundry room. Also Daddy's guitar case and the wooden coffee table are favorite patting surfaces. We say that he's practicing his drum skills, of course.
  • Just in the last few days the amount of "babbling" has seriously increased. The inflections are so cute--like he's really trying to say something to me.
  • I love it when JD chases "sun spots" in the late afternoon. Wonderful sun comes in our library windows and he loves to go from sunspot to sunspot on the carpet--patting and watching the shadows. Shadows are another favorite of his. Bryce and I will make finger-animals or move our feet to make shadows on the wall and he just stares!
  • Yesterday, Bryce started pretend sneezing and JD just laughed and laughed. It's their new "thing." And it's adorable (both of them).
  • It doesn't happen too often yet, but lately JD started laughing on his own, and not in response to tickling. That just amazed me when it first happened and something made him giggle. Love it!
  • At his 6.5 month doctor appointment, Justus was in the 90th percentile for height and the 50th for weight. The doctor said that I can't feed him too much--this boy burns calories all day long.
  • Speaking of feeding, we started solids a little late, just because of all the summer traveling. But he jumped right in! JD currently loves to eat: cereal, peaches, pears, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, and peas. Yesterday we added carrotts and that's the first food he didn't like and wouldn't eat. We'll keep trying. I'm buying fresh, cooking the items that need it (mashing and feeding plain those that don't), pureeing and then freezing in ice cubes. It works great so far.
  • Hair is getting longer and darker. No curls yet. Definitely in 6 mo clothes but not for long, they're getting tight. Thighs are pretty chubby but still on the long&lean side.
  • Naps come and go. We're trying to switch to 2 per day instead of 3, but I think he's also in the middle of teething, which sometimes ruins that plan and a third nap is needed. I'm learning to be flexible and let the day happen as it will. (To an extent, I still like a schedule!)

I never mean to post this many pictures, but I just can't help myself. It gives such a good, visual picture of the past month.

He likes to watch us in the front seat, craning his neck to look at us.

Justus loves to pull the board books off of the shelf.
Yes, he pulled himself up there. Really wanted to suck on the buckles on the guitar case.

Um. Yum? Does that table taste good?

This is where the Langebartels family hangs out these days.

He's playing with the camera cord while I take a picture. Working on that fine motor control.

The half-sit. JD does this a lot these days.

Just hanging out with Parson. I think these two are going to be pals.
Airplane with Mama!
Just had to include one sad-face picture. Pitiful, JD.

This picture was pretty popular on Facebook. Exploring!

And more exploring.
JD likes looking at lights. Bryce was enjoying them, too.

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