Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ten Months with the Little Man

Ten Months
Justus Daniel is such a joy!
A few thoughts and memories of the past month, via spelling out "ten months."

T is for Talents - JD loves to shake his head and make silly faces, squinting up his eyes and grinning. He's such a little goofball and makes us laugh all the time.
E is for Escapee - Last week, Bryce and I thought Justus was with the other, but he escaped! He climbed upstairs by himself for the first time and was playing happily. We really need to keep an eye on him now; he's fast and stealthy.
N is for New things - Everyone once in awhile, JD will surprise us with a little wave and I thought for sure he said "hi dog" the other day. We've also started finger foods: cheerios, saltines, cooked peas, and bananas.

M is for Mommy - I just wanted to say that I love being his mom. Sometimes I can't wait for him to wake up from his nap so I can see him again.
O is for daddy-O - This little man loves his daddy. He breaks into a huge grin whenever Bryce gets home. They just love to play together. And I love watching them.
N is for Noise - Babbling, squealing, and squawking, JD loves to make noise. He especially will complain loudly, sitting on the kitchen floor, while we're getting his food ready. Justus also will stand and bang on his crib when he's ready to get up.
T is for Transportation -  Our little man is on the move! Fast crawling, cruising around every piece of furniture, climbing the stairs, crawling over the dog (or Bryce or whatever happens to be on the floor) - there's no stopping him now! My favorite is when he crawls around with something in his hand, sometimes with the same toy for a half an hour.
H is for Hair - We really need to do something about JD's hair; it's almost in his eyes and curling in the back. But oh it's so precious. And I just can't bring myself to cut it yet.
S is for Sock thief - A little sock thief we have . . . Justus loves to pull off his socks and suck on them. I find wet and lonely socks in his crib after nap times all the time.

New winter hat!

Playing the piano with dad, of course

Happy boy!

I found him like this after a nap time one day

Pulled off a sock again (and yes that's a tattoo, courtesy of Uncle Jesse)
Helping dad light the tree

Eating banana for the first time

Playing in the bathtub

Climbing on Bryce's guitar case

Hanging with daddy

Squinting his eyes for a silly face!

Putting up JD's stocking


  1. Love this! I especially love the piano pictures, that's quite the pair of men you have!

  2. I need to spend some time with you guys. I'm missing out on this cute stage!!!!