Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Justus Daniel ~ Eleven Months

Oh. Where do I even begin? Bryce and I just look at JD these days and "ooo" & "ahh" over how much fun he is and how cute he is and how much we love him. I think we're pretty much smitten with being parents to our little man.

* JD loves to use his little pointer finger to touch everything...his little pudgy finger. And it's adorable. Yesterday he was using his pointer on my iPhone and it actually looked like he knew what he was doing! He also reaches toward everything, almost as if he is showing you whatever is in his hand or trying to say "look at that!".

* He had his first sickness this week--fever, runny nose, coughing. Poor thing. He usually never stops moving and has no time for cuddling, so when he cuddled with me during the day I knew that he was definitely not feeling well. One morning he woke up around 6am and I brought him to my bed. He put his head on me and slept off and on for a couple of hours--he's never done that! So precious and I cherished every moment of it. That day Bryce and I took turns holding him and he even took a few naps on us during the day, which he hasn't done since month 2 or 3. It's definitely not fun that he wasn't feeling well but we loved the snuggles!

* Another first: teeth! They started coming right around Christmas....the bottom two and now the top two. We thought he drooled a lot before--there is so much drool right now!

* He took his first steps last Saturday! Bryce and I were both watching and he walked from the coffee table to Bryce. He doesn't want to walk when you're helping him, but if there's something that he wants to get to, he may take a few faltering steps. Grandma & Grandpa Eberly gave JD a small walking "bike" for Christmas and he loves pushing it around the house.

* Also last Saturday, JD had his first little haircut. Maybe I should just call it a trim. Bryce held him down and tried to distract him while I quickly trimmed his bangs, over the ears, and the back (no mullets please!). Yay for no more hair in his eyes.

* It was fun to take our son to all of the Christmas gatherings this year. He's doing much better in big groups of people. JD and I spent 5 days up in Fort Wayne right after Christmas with my family. My brother Jason was in town from L.A. and got to meet his nephew for the first time! That was a highlight for me. Such good memories. Before Christmas there was a Langebartels extended family brunch and an immediate family dinner, and also the Christmas breakfast tradition. Lots of family time with both sides!

* I know I wrote this before but Justus really is such a good eater and we're very grateful. Lately he's been trying all sorts of new finger foods and he doesn't even make a face. However, he's not very fond of the bottle anymore and it's all we can do to get formula in him--he refuses to drink more than 3-4 oz at a time. We might have to go to an all-solid diet sooner than I expected.

And now for those pictures you've been waiting for!

JD loves wearing Bryce's hats.

Look at those chubby legs!

Riding the push bike.
This is when he was sick. Poor thing.
Sick baby--he actually fell asleep like this.

Climbing into the pantry.

JD loves applesauce.

Playing the piano with Uncle Jason.

Hanging with Uncle Jordan.
Justus only sucks his thumb when he's holding his sleeping-time raccoon.


  1. Wow!!! His first steps?! I'm so glad you were both there to be able to witness them together. :) Hard to believe how much he's growing!!! Thanks for another lovely update. :)

  2. I am missing out on that cuteness! I need to get over more often!