Thursday, January 24, 2013

project: pretty desk chair

project: pretty desk chair

My desk needed a chair. I found this one at an antique shop for $10.
And, yes, I did drag Bryce and JD into the store--they are troopers.
The seat was broken and the wood needed to go.
(Our dining room already has a wood floor, desk, table and piano.)
Time for a change!

Goal: super fast, easy project.
Did I make it? Not so much.
Let's just say I sat on a folding chair at my desk for 4+ months.
First I tried using spray paint, but it bubbled when I put on the finish coat. I had to start over: sand the bubble spots, primer and then paint two coats of bright white paint by hand, plus two sealer/protective coats. Ugh. Terribly tedious. I was trying to avoid the hand painting part.
I waited 48 hours for everything to dry and then Bryce helped make a new seat: thin piece of plywood + foam cushion + batting + fun material, all stapled together and then screwed to the chair.
Here she is!

The paint job is definitely not perfect, but the chair has lots of character
and it's just right for my work space.

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