Saturday, January 26, 2013

project: sweater pillows!

project: sweater pillows!
Love of pillows + low decor budget = creativity!
I saw the idea for a sweater pillow here and here.
After purchasing a few over-sized sweaters at Goodwill, my mom and I got to work.
Here we are mid-project. I used a bunch of pillows I already had and pretty much followed the tutorials linked above.

And the finished product! They're really hard to photograph in my living room,
since there's so much light coming into the room.

Purple pillow and dark green (on the far right) are sweater covers.

All pillows, except for the dark brown on the right, are sweater covers.
 Cheap project that can be accomplished in an afternoon?
New, "wintry" and cozy pillows for the couch?
Yes, please!

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