Tuesday, February 26, 2013

JD @ One Year

Justus Daniel is 1 already.
How in the world did he grow up so fast?
As you can tell from the memory-notes below, he's sure changing a lot.

* JD loves to wear hats. He'll walk around with one on for awhile, eventually pull it off, and then bring the hat to one of us to put it back on him.

* Walking! We have a walker! I think January 28 was the day it really clicked. He was so proud of himself. So adorable.

* JD now enjoys looking at books with us, when he isn't trying to chew on them. He'll watch as we turn the pages, and even help turn a few. There are definitely a few that he likes best and will look for specifically.

* Current food that he loves: craisins, oranges, and grapefruit (even really sour ones). He gets so excited when he sees any sort of tropical fruit.

* Four teeth are in, two top and two bottom. Two more are on the way on the top. It's so cute when he smiles now and the teeth definitely make him look older.

* The other week I realized that JD knows to stand at the breezeway door whenever I put his coat on. I thought maybe it was an accident the first time, but he does it every time now!

* JD loves to bother the dog: pull his tail, roll around on him, back up & sit on him, play with his mouth, play with his paws, etc. Thank goodness for a patient dog.

* Every morning we watch the school buses. When he hears the breaks squealing, JD will point and run (i.e. walk quickly and wobbly) to the library windows.

* There are small snatches of words--not terribly clear but they're there. Hi Dad. Dog. Hat. Ruff-ruff. Guitar. What's that?

* Still so much pointing. He'll point to his belly when I ask him where it is. Lots of grunting. And babbling, with lots of inflection. He makes this adorable sound by rolling his tongue--I'm really going to miss it when he doesn't do it anymore.

* Favorite toys that aren't toys: drumstick, headphones, plunger (it's clean!!!!...and a long story), empty cloth bags, rubber bracelets, and wooden clothespins, to name a few.

* JD will copy you if you shake your head "no" or "yes." And he'll wave sometimes, never on cue though.

* For the longest time JD couldn't stand up in the middle of the floor. If he fell down while walking, then he would quickly crawl to the nearest object for support to stand back up.

* On February 17 we hosted a family lunch for the January/February Langebartels' birthdays: Kristin, Justin, and Justus. We packed 29 people into our home and enjoyed the company while celebrating our little man turning 1!

Our Justus Daniel. So much personality. So much fun. Such joy he brings to our lives. What did we do without him. It's only been a year, but I can hardly imagine life without his sweet presence.


He makes a beeline for the fridge every time it's opened.

Playing in one of our new kitchen cabinets.

He was not a fan of Baby Cousin Liza, but we know they'll enjoy playing together in a few years.

"Facetiming" with Dad.

Mirror ceiling on an elevator.
I wasn't kidding about the plunger toy.


He got in there all by himself.
And then this happened.

A rare moment of sleeping in the car.

Twins! (this was on JD's birthday)

Loves, loves, loves! playing in the bathtub.

Trying strawberries for the first time. He loved them!

"Ah. That's much better."

Birthday cake!

JD & Mama.
Well, my monthly JD posts have come to an end. Don't worry--I'll still be writing about him but not on such a scheduled basis. Click here for all of his first year posts.


  1. Oh my goodness the hat picture with Bryce is just perfect! JD has got to be the cutest baby in the world!!!

  2. That is just the sweetest thing I have ever read! Isn't it amazing how they capture your heart and you can't imagine loving another child like this...until that child comes along and there you are again...completely captivated and in love!!! JD will love these when he becomes a daddy for the first time!!! dd

  3. Glad the plunger toy is clean! ;-) It was such a delight to see your little man in person (finally!) last week. What a treasure you have... and treasure him you do... so well! :)