Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Parsonage Kitchen {week one}

Week One!
Alternate title: And the mess begins.

This became a six week project and I'm going to break it down by week, with lots of pictures.

Week One--what we did:
Took down upper cabinets
Painted cabinet frames, white
Spray-painted cream stove pieces, black
Cut out laminate flooring to make space for new lower cabinets
Prepped for new cabinets (moved dishwasher, etc.)
Picked out green paint color for the walls (4th try was perfect!)
Took down bulkhead above the upper cabinets
Started drywall spots

(please note: "we" is a term used very loosely....most of this project is Bryce's handiwork)

Temporary kitchen in the dining room.
Painting the new cabinet doors in the basement--we refaced the cabinets.
A friend helped us out by spraying them and saving me hours of painting work.

Bryce and his dad built the new cabinets. This is 1 of 2
(and this happened a few weeks before the official start date).

JD and friend playing in the other new cabinet.

Here I am, painting cabinets: 1 coat of primer and 2-3 coats of paint.
We didn't mess around and bought the good stuff: premium Porter Paints in White Umber.
My mom and I talking to my sister right after her baby was born.
Notice the upper cabinets are gone and the dishwasher is out (to the left of the sink).

Upper cabinets ready to be painted in the basement.
All of the painting was my job....at least I could help with something.

Taking down the bulkhead! This was a super messy job.

And it's down! The room was feeling bigger already.

A wider angle.
Bryce added a board where the bulkhead used to be to anchor the cabinets.
The new cabinets and dishwasher are in place, on the left.
Our kitchen is now a "U" instead of an "L."
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